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An Empirical Methodology of the Study of Witchcraft and its implementation in African cultures
In Africa the study of witchcraft is hampered by methodological problems which are the result of the use of Eurocentric materialistic belittling paradigm. To avoid this pitfall, this paper offers aExpand
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An African Alternative to Western Cosmological Argument Hopeless Reliance on Ontological Argument
This paper demonstrates that as used in Western philosophy cosmological argument relies on ontological argument to jump to its conclusion about the existence of a Supreme-being-creator. Pointing toExpand
The Theory of General Devolution: A Call for an African Solar Renaissance
Through its theory of general devolution, this article shows that as African holistic epistemology was pushed at the fringe of cultural and scientific practices, Africa lost the advances it enjoyedExpand
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Spiritual Healing in Kôngo Tradition : Its Nature , Scientific Validity , Generalization to African Cultures and Modern Continuation
The highest healing practice in Kôngo traditional society has always involved the purification of being and/or the use of spirits. This approach has been so far frowned at as having no scientificExpand
The Scientificity of African Traditional Religion and Its Redefinition of Secularism
In this paper the author handles the issue of secularism in African context and shows that it is wrongly defined due to the use of European inherited or mimicked standards. He explains that, whileExpand
The Spiral as the Basic Semiotic of the Kongo Religion, the Bukongo
In this article, the author demonstrates the spiral as being the basic symbol of the system of signs used in the Kongo religion, the Bukongo, to convey spiritual teachings as well as to help theExpand
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The necessity of traditional values to the modern educational system, the case of the Kôngo people of the democratic republic of Congo
The Kôngo people comprise the descendants of the ethnic groups that inhabited the ancient Kingdom of Kôngo. A kingdom that spread over the areas partly occupied by nowadays Angola, Republic of Congo,Expand
De l'existence et des origines des Besingômbe
Parmi les ethnies kongo les Besingombe sont ceux dont les origines sont restees inexpliquees ou faussement apprehendees. Cet article retrace grâce a une analyse basee sur l'histoire, l'ethnographie,Expand
Theological Proofs of the Kinship of Ancient Egypt With South-Saharan Africa Rather Than Eastern and Western Civilizations
This article deals with the issue of the kinship of ancient Egyptian civilization with the neighboring ones. To the melanin-level proof offered by Cheikh Anta Diop and Obenga’s evidence of theExpand
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