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Carcass composition in mature Hereford cows: estimation and effect on daily metabolizable energy requirement during winter.
Seventy-two mature, nonpregnant, nonlactating Hereford cows (400 kg) were utilized in a comparative slaughter trial to investigate the effects of carcass composition on the metabolizable energy (ME)Expand
Effects of growth rate on carcass composition and lipid partitioning at puberty and growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor I, insulin, and metabolites before puberty in beef heifers.
The effect of three rates of gain on carcass composition, lipid partitioning, age and BW at puberty, and concentrations of growth hormone (GH), IGF-I, insulin, glucose, and NEFA in plasma wereExpand
Relationship among weight change, body condition and reproductive performance of range beef cows.
A 5-yr study involving 45 to 78 pregnant Hereford range cows each year evaluated relationships among prepartum nutrition, body condition scores, BW changes and reproductive performance. FourExpand
Animal performance and economic comparison of novel and toxic endophyte tall fescues to cool-season annuals.
Increased costs of annual establishment of small grain pasture associated with fuel, machinery, and labor are eroding the profitability of stocker cattle enterprises. Interest has therefore increasedExpand
Impact of horse flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) on beef cattle.
Yearling Hereford heifers exposed to attacks by six species of horse flies (Tabanus abactor Philip, T. atratus F., T. equalis Hine, T. mularis Stone, T. subsimtlis Bellardi, and T. sulcifronsExpand
Effects of early weaning calves from first calf heifers on calf and heifer performance.
Calves from 31 first calf2-yr-old Hereford heifers in thin condition were weaned at 6 to 8 weeks of age. Thirty additional heifers were assigned to raise their calves to normal weaning age (7Expand
Effects of feeding energy or protein supplements before or after calving on performance of spring-calving cows grazing native range.
In three consecutive years, spring-calving Hereford and Hereford x Angus cows (n = 348) were used to determine effects of level of supplemental energy or protein before and after calving on cowherdExpand
The Effect of Zinc Methionine in a Mineral Mixture on Gain and Incidence of Footrot in Steers Grazing Native Grass Pastures1
Crossbred steers (266 kg avg BW) were allotted to groups and provided either a control mineral mixture or one containing 2.5% zinc methionine while grazing late-spring burned native grass pastures inExpand