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Pulsed Lasers Employing Solution-Processed Plasmonic Cu3- x P Colloidal Nanocrystals.
A new approach to synthesize self-doped colloidal Cu3-x P NCs with controlled size and localized surface plasmon resonance absorption is reported. These Cu3-x P NCs show ultrafast exciton dynamicsExpand
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Stable PbS quantum dot ink for efficient solar cells by solution-phase ligand engineering
Surface passivation is essential to realize high photovoltaic performance for solar cells based on PbS quantum dots (QDs). The recently developed solution-phase ligand-exchange strategy can greatlyExpand
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New solution-processable small molecules as hole-transporting layer in efficient polymer solar cells
Small molecules TPDA, TPDB, and TPDH, comprising the same backbone TPD (N,N′-diphenyl-N,N′-bis(3-methylphenyl)-(1,1′-biphenyl)-4,4′-diamine) and different carboxyl side chains were designed andExpand
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Towards scalable synthesis of high-quality PbS colloidal quantum dots for photovoltaic applications
Accelerating inorganic nanocrystal-based photovoltaic technology needs more efficient synthetic protocols for large scale manufacture, high yield and excellent quality nanocrystal materials. We, forExpand
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In Situ Passivation for Efficient PbS Quantum Dot Solar Cells by Precursor Engineering.
  • Yongjie Wang, K. Lu, +13 authors Wanli Ma
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Advanced materials
  • 15 March 2018
Current efforts on lead sulfide quantum dot (PbS QD) solar cells are mostly paid to the device architecture engineering and postsynthetic surface modification, while very rare work regarding theExpand
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Improved All‐Polymer Solar Cell Performance by Using Matched Polymer Acceptor
By the introduction of different building blocks and side-chains, a series of donor–acceptor type polymer acceptors containing naphthalene diimide have been successfully prepared. The theoretical andExpand
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Efficient PbS quantum dot solar cells employing a conventional structure
New-generation solar cells based on colloidal lead chalcogenide (PbX) quantum dots (CQDs) are promising low-cost solution-processed photovoltaics. However, current state-of-the art CQDs are all usingExpand
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High-Efficiency PbS Quantum-Dot Solar Cells with Greatly Simplified Fabrication Processing via "Solvent-Curing".
  • K. Lu, Y. Wang, +14 authors W. Ma
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Advanced materials
  • 1 June 2018
PbS quantum-dot (QD) solar cells are promising candidates for low-cost solution-processed photovoltaics. However, the device fabrication usually requires ten more times film deposition and rinsingExpand
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Stable and Highly Efficient PbS Quantum Dot Tandem Solar Cells Employing a Rationally Designed Recombination Layer
This study reports the fabrication of stable, high-performance, simple structured tandem solar cells based on PbS colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) under ambient air. This study also reveals detailedExpand
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