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Cognitive load selectively interferes with utilitarian moral judgment
Traditional theories of moral development emphasize the role of controlled cognition in mature moral judgment, while a more recent trend emphasizes intuitive and emotional processes. Here we test aExpand
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Pushing moral buttons: The interaction between personal force and intention in moral judgment
In some cases people judge it morally acceptable to sacrifice one person's life in order to save several other lives, while in other similar cases they make the opposite judgment. Researchers haveExpand
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Cultural differences in sensitivity to social context: Detecting affective incongruity using the N400
East Asians and Asian-Americans tend to allocate relatively greater attention to background context compared to European Americans across a variety of cognitive and neural measures. We sought toExpand
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Improving understanding, promoting social inclusion, and fostering empowerment related to epilepsy: Epilepsy Foundation public awareness campaigns — 2001 through 2013
It is a significant public health concern that epilepsy, the fourth most common neurological disorder in the United States, is generally poorly understood by both the public and those living with theExpand
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Misuse Made Plain: Evaluating Concerns About Neuroscience in National Security
Misuse Made Plain: Evaluating Concerns About Neuroscience in National Security Kelly Lowenberg a , Brenda M. Simon a , Amy Burns b , Libby Greismann c , Jennifer M. Halbleib b , Govind Persad b ,Expand
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Alzheimer's disease (presenile dementia) was originally regarded as a clinical and pathologic entity. Recent reports of the occurrence of the disease as early as the second and third decades of life,Expand
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Status Marmoratus
This syndrome was first established by C. and O. Vogt, 1 who considered as its most characteristic feature the occurrence of quantitatively and qualitatively abnormal myelinated fibers in the striateExpand
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Biobanks, Privacy, and the Subpoena Power
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