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Rape Myths
Theories of sexual aggression and victimization have increasingly emphasized the role of rape myths in the perpetuation of sexual assault. Rape myths are attitudes and generally false beliefs aboutExpand
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Rape myth acceptance: Exploration of its structure and its measurement using the Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale.
Abstract A series of six studies were conducted to explore the structure underlying rape myths and to develop the 45-itemIllinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale(“IRMA”). In the first study, 604Expand
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Attitudinal antecedents of rape myth acceptance: A theoretical and empirical reexamination.
M. R. Burt (1980) concluded that acceptance of rape myths was strongly related to adversarial sexual beliefs, tolerance of interpersonal violence, and gender role stereotyping. However, the scalesExpand
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Preventing Acquaintance Rape Through Education
Emerging information that rape primarily occurs between acquaintances has not only exploded our understanding of this problem, but forced a reexamination of our notions of prevention. In recentExpand
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Tearing Down the Wall: Problems with Consistency, Validity, and Adverse Impact of Physical Agility Testing in Police Selection
This article examines the literature on the physical demands of police work, the use of physical agility testing in police selection, and women's performance as police officers. A survey wasExpand
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What's Gender Got to Do with It? Incivility in the Federal Courts
The current study examines experiences of interpersonal mistreatment in federal litigation among a random sample of 4,608 practicing attorneys. Using both quantitative and qualitative survey data, weExpand
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The “Justice Gap” for Sexual Assault Cases
Media coverage often reports “good” news about the criminal justice system’s ability to effectively respond to sexual assault, concluding that the past two decades have seen an increase in rapeExpand
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Sexual Harassment Mythology: Definition, Conceptualization, and Measurement
Using rape myth research as a template, we developed a conceptual definition and measurement instrument for the mythology regarding male sexual harassment of women, resulting in the 20-item IllinoisExpand
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Police Training in Sexual Assault Response
This study evaluates an experimental training program at a Midwestern police academy. In Study 1, one class of police recruits participated in a typical training protocol, and two classes attendedExpand
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Rape Prevention and Risk Reduction: Review of the Research Literature for Practitioners
For many professionals working in the field of sexual assault, one of the most pressing questions is: “What can we do to prevent it?” Practitioners have been designing and implementing rapeExpand
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