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Hating in the First Person Plural: Psychoanalytic Essays on Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny, and Terror (review)
Psychoanalysts take note. There is something rare and profound afoot in Donald Moss’s volume, Hating in the First Person Plural. In its pages we encounter psychoanalytic thinking at its best:Expand
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The Changing Language of Female Development
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Doubt, Conviction and the Analytic Process
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Responses to Instruction on Counseling Women: Does Gender Play a Part?
We investigated how instructors' gender affects students' perceptions. Three components of person perception were assessed: cognitive, affective, and behavioral. The cognitive domain includedExpand
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Thinking Developmentally: Perspectives Following Loewald and Klein
ABSTRACT In this article, I explore two perspectives on development that are central to how I think and work as an analyst, one drawn from the work of Hans Loewald and one from Melanie Klein. LoewaldExpand
Teaching gender-related material: The effect of group sex composition on perceptions of a female instructor
This study investigated how group sex composition affects female and male students' perceptions of female instructors who teach in the area of counseling women. Three components of person perceptionExpand
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Perspectives Following Klein and Bion on the Development of the Internal World: Clinical Implications
Ed Tronick’s comprehensive theory of human development encompasses the psychological, neurobiological, and cultural to address how human beings make meaning. In addition to a large body ofExpand