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How changing the focus of attention affects performance, kinematics, and electromyography in dart throwing.
Research has found an advantage for an external focus of attention in motor control and learning; instructing subjects to focus on the effects of their actions, rather than on body movements, canExpand
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Video Games and Rehabilitation: Using Design Principles to Enhance Engagement in Physical Therapy
Patient nonadherence with therapy is a major barrier to rehabilitation. Recovery is often limited and requires prolonged, intensive rehabilitation that is time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. WeExpand
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Virtual Reality Therapy for Adults Post-Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Exploring Virtual Environments and Commercial Games in Therapy
Background The objective of this analysis was to systematically review the evidence for virtual reality (VR) therapy in an adult post-stroke population in both custom built virtual environments (VE)Expand
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Is More Better? Using Metadata to Explore Dose–Response Relationships in Stroke Rehabilitation
Background and Purpose— Neurophysiological models of rehabilitation and recovery suggest that a large volume of specific practice is required to induce the neuroplastic changes that underlieExpand
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The influence of attention on learning and performance: pre-movement time and accuracy in an isometric force production task.
  • K. Lohse
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Human movement science
  • 1 February 2012
Lohse, Sherwood, and Healy (2010) found that an external focus of attention (FOA) improved performance in a dart-throwing task and reduced the time taken between throws, but using the time betweenExpand
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Engaging Environments Enhance Motor Skill Learning in a Computer Gaming Task
ABSTRACT Engagement during practice can motivate a learner to practice more, hence having indirect effects on learning through increased practice. However, it is not known whether engagement can alsoExpand
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On Attentional Control
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The reliability of commonly used electrophysiology measures
BACKGROUND Electrophysiological measures can help understand brain function both in healthy individuals and in the context of a disease. Given the amount of information that can be extracted fromExpand
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Thinking about muscles: the neuromuscular effects of attentional focus on accuracy and fatigue.
Although the effects of attention on movement execution are well documented behaviorally, much less research has been done on the neurophysiological changes that underlie attentional focus effects.Expand
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Neuromuscular Effects of Shifting the Focus of Attention in a Simple Force Production Task
ABSTRACT Research on the focus of attention has begun exploring the physiological changes that underlie the difference between internal and external foci of attention. However, previousExpand
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