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New Zealand's Quota Management System: A History of the First 20 Years
New Zealand is a world leader in the use of Individual Transferable Quota (ITQ) to manage fisheries. Although the use of an ITQ system is not unique to New Zealand, no other country has used thisExpand
Nutrient Trading in Lake Rotorua: Goals and Trading Caps
For a nutrient trading system to achieve the desired environmental outcome, or goal, this outcome needs to be translated into nutrient flows and allowances. To connect the nutrient loss provided forExpand
Nutrient Trading in Lake Rotorua: Overview of a Prototype System
Water quality in Lake Rotorua has been declining for at least the last 30 years as increased levels of nutrients have entered the lake. Despite significant effort and expenditure, the level ofExpand
Nutrient Trading in Lake Rotorua: Where Are We Now?
A number of decisions need to be made when setting up a nutrient trading system including defining a target, allocating allowances and setting up a monitoring system. To ensure that the nutrientExpand
Nutrient Trading in Lake Rotorua: Cost Sharing and Allowance Allocation
This paper clarifies how the benefits and costs of water quality improvements in Lake Rotorua are likely to be shared in the absence of a trading system; presents different perspectives on andExpand
Explaining Maori under‐achievement in standardised reading tests: The role of social and individual characteristics
Abstract In New Zealand, Maori students have lower educational attainment levels than their Pakeha counterparts, which is a major contributor to the earnings inequality between these two groups. ThisExpand
Improving Lake Water Quality Through a Nutrient Trading System: The Case of New Zealand’s Lake Rotorua
The eminent contributors (including Altshuler, Creedy, Freebairn, Gravelle, Heady, Kalb, Sorensen and Zodrow) investigate the beneficial directions for medium-term tax reform in the light of globalExpand
Assessing design options for a Nutrient Trading System using an integrated model
Water quality in many New Zealand waterways is currently declining leading to lakes and rivers being closed for contact recreation such as swimming and potentially threatening our clean, green image.Expand
Sheep and Beef Production Costs Across New Zealand: Introducing the Spatial Dimension
Motu is currently developing a dataset of production costs relating to different rural land uses, which we can use to help explain historical land-use trends at a Territorial Authority level. TheExpand