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Growth of large-area and highly crystalline MoS2 thin layers on insulating substrates.
The two-dimensional layer of molybdenum disulfide (MoS(2)) has recently attracted much interest due to its direct-gap property and potential applications in optoelectronics and energy harvesting.Expand
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Direct formation of wafer scale graphene thin layers on insulating substrates by chemical vapor deposition.
Direct formation of high-quality and wafer scale graphene thin layers on insulating gate dielectrics such as SiO(2) is emergent for graphene electronics using Si-wafer compatible fabrication. Here,Expand
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Wafer-scale MoS2 thin layers prepared by MoO3 sulfurization.
Atomically thin molybdenum disulfide (MoS(2)) layers have attracted great interest due to their direct-gap property and potential applications in optoelectronics and energy harvesting. Meanwhile,Expand
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Highly flexible MoS2 thin-film transistors with ion gel dielectrics.
Molybdenum disulfide (MoS(2)) thin-film transistors were fabricated with ion gel gate dielectrics. These thin-film transistors exhibited excellent band transport with a low threshold voltage (<1 V),Expand
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Few-Layer MoS2 with high broadband Photogain and fast optical switching for use in harsh environments.
Few-layered MoS2 as Schottky metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors (MSM PDs) for use in harsh environments makes its debut as two-dimensional (2D) optoelectronics with high broadband gain (up toExpand
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Bilayered Biofoam for Highly Efficient Solar Steam Generation.
A novel bilayered hybrid biofoam composed of a bacterial nanocellulose (BNC) layer and a reduced graphene oxide (RGO)-filled BNC layer is introduced for highly efficient solar steam generation. TheExpand
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Opening an electrical band gap of bilayer graphene with molecular doping.
The opening of an electrical band gap in graphene is crucial for its application for logic circuits. Recent studies have shown that an energy gap in Bernal-stacked bilayer graphene can be generatedExpand
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Label-free electrical detection of DNA hybridization on graphene using Hall effect measurements: Revisiting the sensing mechanism
There is broad interest in using graphene or graphene oxide sheets as a transducer for label-free and selective electrical detection of biomolecules such as DNA. However, it is still not wellExpand
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Growth selectivity of hexagonal-boron nitride layers on Ni with various crystal orientations
Layered hexagonal-boron nitride (h-BN) films were synthesized by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on Ni foils using ammonia borane as a precursor. Confocal Raman spectroscopy and electron backscatterExpand
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Gold nanocages with built-in artificial antibodies for label-free plasmonic biosensing.
We demonstrate that gold nanocages (AuNCs) with built-in artificial antibodies enable the detection of kidney injury biomarker from synthetic urine down to a concentration of 25 ng ml-1. MolecularlyExpand
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