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Carbon nanotube yarns with high tensile strength made by a twisting and shrinking method.
In this method, a yarn freshly spun from a super-aligned carbon nanotube array is first twisted and then passes through a volatile solvent for shrinking, and thus has a tensile strength up to about 1 GPa. Expand
Isolation and characterization of a β-glucosidase from Penicillium decumbens and improving hydrolysis of corncob residue by using it as cellulase supplementation.
The purified enzyme could improve the saccharifying ability of cellulose when it was added to the cellulase systems of Trichoderma reesei QM 9414 and has great potential to be utilized as supplementation in conversion of corncob residue and other lignocellulosic biomass into simple sugars. Expand
High concentration ethanol production from corncob residues by fed-batch strategy.
It is demonstrated that despite the application of low enzyme dosage, high concentration ethanol could be produced from pretreated corncobs by combining fed-batch method with SSF. Expand
Controlled growth of super-aligned carbon nanotube arrays for spinning continuous unidirectional sheets with tunable physical properties.
We report controlled syntheses of super-aligned carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays with the desired tube-diameter, number of walls, and length for spinning continuous unidirectional sheets to meet aExpand
Scratch-resistant, highly conductive, and high-strength carbon nanotube-based composite yarns.
A method to make high-strength and highly conductive CNT-based composite yarns by using a continuous superaligned CNT (SACNT) yarn as a conductive framework and then inserting polyvinyl alcohol into the intertube spaces of the framework through PVA/dimethyl sulphoxide solution to enhance the strength of yarns is reported. Expand
Fabrication of poly(toluidine blue O)/carbon nanotube composite nanowires and its stable low-potential detection of NADH
Abstract A new type of poly(toluidine blue O)/multiwall carbon nanotube (PTBO/MWNTs) composite nanowires was fabricated by two steps: first, the TBO monomer was assembled onto multiwall carbonExpand
Happiness and Tourism
The goal of all human being’s efforts lies in the gain of happiness. Psychology lays particular emphasis on wellbeing about the study of happiness. This article is to make a brief review on happinessExpand
The development of micro-gyroscope technology
This review reports an overview and development of micro-gyroscope. The review first presents different types of micro-gyroscopes. Micro-gyroscopes in this review are categorized into CoriolisExpand
A simple and efficient method to prepare graphene by reduction of graphite oxide with sodium hydrosulfite.
It is shown that graphite oxide can be reduced with sodium hydrosulfite in a few minutes, with a degree of reduction comparable to those achieved with hydrazine. Expand
Novel antimicrobial chitosan–cellulose composite films bioconjugated with silver nanoparticles
Abstract Cellulose-based membranes have emerged as an attractive alternative to non-biodegradable petrochemical materials. An important drawback, however, is that cellulose-based membranes are proneExpand