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Technetium in the Hydrosphere and in the Geosphere
This invention relates to a baked foodstuff containing an additive to prevent softening caused by moisture, wherein the additive is a carbohydrate derivative which has been modified by means of heatExpand
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Einführung in die Kernchemie
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Sorption of uranyl ions on hydrous titanium dioxide
SummaryThe mechanism of the sorption of U on TiO2 · x H2O is investigated in absence and in presence of carbonate as function of pH. Speciation of U in solution and the state of the surface of TiO2 ·Expand
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Transition metals in atmospheric aqueous samples, analytical determination and speciation
SummaryTwo rain water samples were analyzed with respect to the determination of the species which are present at the given conditions. The parameters determined were: pH, Eh, electrolyticalExpand
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Technetium in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, in Medicine and in the Environment
Formation of ' ' T o in nuclear reactors and the fate of Tc in reprocessing plants are described. " M o / ' ' ' " T c radionuclide generators for use in nuclear medicine, the production of theExpand
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Chemistry of Radioactive Cerium in the Hydrosphere and in the Geosphere
As the ionic radii of Ce + , U 3 + , N p 3 + , Pu 3 + , and Am 3 + are nearly equal, the chemistry in aqueous solutions can be expected to be very similar. At low redox potentials the influence ofExpand
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Cellulose exchangers with tailor-made chelating groups for selective separation of uranium
SummarySeveral tailor-made cellulose exchangers are investigated with respect to their properties (capacities, distribution coefficients for UO22+, Fe3+, Ni2+, Cu2+, Pb2+ as function of pH, andExpand
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Separation of heavy metals, in particular uranium, from sea water by use of anchor groups of high selectivity
ZusammenfassungDie Abtrennung der Spurenelemente Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn und U aus Meerwasser in einem Schwebebett von Hyphan auf Bead Cellulose und Hyphan auf Polystyrol wird in Parallelversuchen währendExpand
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Neptunium in the Hydrosphere and in the Geosphere
The set-up of a sorption column operated with circulating groundwater under aerobic and under anaerobic conditions is described. Under aerobic conditions (Eh = 350 to 520 mV), sorption ratios R g ofExpand
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