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Applying the theory of informational flows in urbanism for a practical experiment in architecture and land use
In order to find solutions for practical urban problems we have to comprehend a wide variety of factors economics, urban development, historical issues, demographics, and so on. Authors of theExpand
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Information Flows Balance and Price of Real Estate
The influence of the informational potential of place on the property is investigated. The theoretical relationship between the place potential (difference between the level of production andExpand
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Structure of Information Streams as Social-Psychological Factor of Territories Development
The structure of information streams defines the social-psychological atmosphere in a district, a city or a region. The main data carrier are people. Thus, the structure and intensity of flows ofExpand
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Personification of genius loci – innovations on the base of geographical identity
Innovative development of a place is necessary associated with the individual positioning of the place. Europe consists of more than 100 thousand competing territorial units, which need to attractExpand
Kohinoor and Reisshinka
Urbanization, Migration, Information
In the contemporary world urbanization becomes a large-scale process. Huge flows of people migrate from poorer districts to the cities with a higher level of consumption. It takes migrants aboutExpand
Walk 14 DOWN THE CIRCUM-BAIKAL RAILWAY Sketch Redesign of the Sverdlovsky Market in Irkutsk "Glazkovo Shopping Arcade" Church of Sts. Apostles Peter and Pavel in Irkutsk – a Rare Monument ofExpand
Interior as a Teacher: Аbout social-psychological impact of interiors of modern Russian universities
The RF government’s program documents on education have high and ambitious goals. However, everyday training practice is in acute contradictions with these goals. With the help of the analysis ofExpand
Foresight of Broken Dreams
graffiti: pro et contra
From time immemorial people have been ornamenting and painting the walls of urban houses. However, from the 1960s the invention of markers and then spray paints gave an opportunity for amateurExpand