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Effects of hydrodynamic stress on cultured plant cells: A literature survey
Abstract In this paper a literature survey is presented on the effects of hydrodynamic stress (“shear stress”) on cultured plant cells. Hydrodynamic stress has mostly negative effects on cells, theseExpand
Polar auxin transport: an early invention
It is shown that naphthylphthalamic acid (NPA)-sensitive PAT occurs in internodal cells of Chara corallina, demonstrating that PAT evolved early in multicellular plant life. Expand
Uptake and accumulation of ajmalicine into isolated vacuoles of cultured cells of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don. and its conversion into serpentine
The results are consistent with the hypothesis that aj malicine accumulates by an ion-trap mechanism and that the accumulated ajmalicine is converted into serpentine inside the vacuoles. Expand
Promoters of auxin-induced genes from tobacco can lead to auxin-inducible and root tip-specific expression
It was shown that the 5′ regions of both GNT1 and GNT35 lead to 2,4-D-inducible expression of GUS activity, and the homology of the 103-like genes with other auxin-regulated genes is evaluated. Expand
Correlation between Auxin Resistance and the Lack of a Membrane-Bound Auxin Binding Protein and a Root-Specific Peroxidase in Nicotiana tabacum.
A correlation between auxin resistance and the lack of MABP and RSP suggests that MABp might be involved in auxin-mediated root differentiation in tobacco. Expand
Effect of auxin on cytodifferentiation and production of quinoline alkaloids in compact globular structures of Cinchona ledgeriana
Fine cell suspension cultures of Cinchona ledgeriana produced self-propagating compact globular structures (CGS) that could be induced to produce significant amounts of quinoline alkaloids by replacing 2,4-D by low amounts of 1-NAA, which was accompanied by histological changes of the CGS. Expand
Effects of hydrodynamic stress on the growth of plant cells in batch and continuous culture
The cell lines Catharanthus roseus and Nicotiana tabacum were capable of growth under conditions of high hydrodynamic stress which were similar to those in a 25-m 3 stirred-tank production fermenter, and Cinchona robusta and Tabernaemontana divaricata were found to be more sensitive to hydrod dynamic stress. Expand
Further Characterization of Expression of Auxin-Induced Genes in Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) Cell-Suspension Cultures
Modulation of four auxin-regulated genes during the growth cycle of suspension-cultured tobacco cells suggests that induction of these genes might be important for cell division, but over-production of antisense mRNA for one ofThese genes (pCNT103) did not influence cell division in transgenic tobacco cells. Expand
A non-invasive method for the routine-estimation of fresh weight of cells grown in batch suspension cultures
A simple apparatus designed to allow sedimentation of plant cells grown in batch suspensions in Erlenmeyer flasks proved to be very suitable to allow routinely measurement of FW without the destruction of cells during each phase of the growth cycle. Expand
A high affinity receptor for indoleacetic acid in cultured tobacco pith explants
Evidence is presented that a receptor for IAA with the expected properties does exist, and is localized in the cytosot fraction of tissue cultures derived from tobacco stem pith. Expand