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Subnatural-linewidth polarization-entangled photon pairs with controllable temporal length.
An efficient experimental scheme for producing polarization-entangled photon pairs from spontaneous four-wave mixing in a laser-cooled (85)Rb atomic ensemble, with a bandwidth much narrower than the rubidium atomic natural linewidth. Expand
Experimental observation of simultaneous wave and particle behavior in a narrowband single-photon wave packet
Light's wave-particle duality is at the heart of quantum mechanics and can be well illustrated by Wheeler's delayed-choice experiment. The choice of inserting or removing the second classicalExpand
Experimental test of the no-go theorem for continuous ψ-epistemic models
This work experimentally test the no-go theorem on continuous ψ-epistemic models of quantum states with high-dimensional single photon quantum states without additional assumptions except for the fair-sampling assumption and reproduces the prediction of quantum theory. Expand
Efficient quantum memory for single-photon polarization qubits
A quantum memory, for storing and retrieving flying photonic quantum states, is a key interface for realizing long-distance quantum communication and large-scale quantum computation. While manyExpand
Geometric Rydberg quantum gate with shortcuts to adiabaticity.
We propose a controlled-PHASE gate for neutral atoms in which one of the qubit state components adiabatically evolves along the multiple-atom eigenstate formed by the chirped laser pulse coupling toExpand
δ-Quench Measurement of a Pure Quantum-State Wave Function.
A direct and efficient measurement strategy based on a δ-quench probe that can directly obtain the quantum wave function of a pure ensemble by projecting the quenched state onto a postselection state is theoretically proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Expand
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Energy-Time Entanglement of Narrow-Band Biphotons.
The direct characterization of energy-time entanglement of narrow-band biphotons produced from spontaneous four-wave mixing in cold atoms satisfies the continuous variable Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering inequality and violates the separability criterion. Expand
Microwave electrometry via electromagnetically induced absorption in cold Rydberg atoms
The atom-based traceable standard for microwave electrometry shows promising advantages by enabling stable and uniform measurement. Here we theoretically propose and then experimentally realize anExpand
Accelerating geometric quantum gates through non-cyclic evolution and shortcut to adiabaticity
Fast and robust quantum gates is the cornerstone of fault-tolerance quantum computation. In this paper, we propose to achieve quantum gates based on non-cyclic geometric evolution. Dynamical phaseExpand