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Data Mining Using Grammar Based Genetic Programming and Applications
From the Publisher: Describes a framework, called GGP (Generic Genetic Programming), that integrates GP and ILP based on a formalism of logic grammers. Accelerates the learning speed and/or improvesExpand
A Survey of Crowdsourcing Systems
A structured view of the research on crowd sourcing to date is provided, which is categorized according to their applications, algorithms, performances and datasets. Expand
A Survey of Wireless Sensor Network Based Air Pollution Monitoring Systems
This paper classifies the existing works into three categories as Static Sensor Network (SSN), Community Sensor network (CSN) and Vehicle sensor network (VSN) based on the carriers of the sensors. Expand
An expanding self-organizing neural network for the traveling salesman problem
Though its solution accuracy is not yet comparable to some other sophisticated heuristics, the ESOM is one of the most accurate neural networks for the TSP in the literature. Expand
TFBS identification based on genetic algorithm with combined representations and adaptive post-processing
A novel framework GALF-P is proposed, consisting of Genetic Algorithm with Local Filtering (GALF) and adaptive post-processing techniques (-P), to achieve both effectiveness and efficiency for TFBS identification. Expand
Applying fuzzy measures and nonlinear integrals in data mining
The paper gives an overview of applying fuzzy measures and relevant nonlinear integrals in data mining, discussed in five application areas: set function identification, nonlinear multiregression,Expand
An efficient self-organizing map designed by genetic algorithms for the traveling salesman problem
This paper develops a self-organizing map (SOM) with a novel learning rule called the integrated SOM (ISOM) since its learning rule integrates the three learning mechanisms in the SOM literature. Expand
Epidemiological and virological characteristics of 2 subgroups of hepatitis B virus genotype C.
HBV genotypes C can be differentiated into 2 subgroups--namely, genotype Ce and genotype Cs--that have different epidemiological distributions and virological characteristics. Expand
Nonlinear Integrals and Their Applications in Data Mining
This monograph discusses various nonadditive set functions that describe the interaction among the contributions from feature attributes towards a considered target attribute and some methods of fuzzification are introduced for nonlinear integrals such that fuzzy data can be treated and fuzzy information is retrievable. Expand
Genetic Algorithm with adaptive elitist-population strategies for multimodal function optimization
An Adaptive Elitist-population based Genetic Algorithm (AEGA), based on the concept of adaptively adjusting the population size according to the individuals' dissimilarity and a novel direction dependent elitist genetic operators is shown to be very efficient and effective in finding multiple solutions of complicated benchmark and real-world multimodal optimization problems. Expand