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Prenatal maternal depression is associated with low birth weight through shorter gestational age in term infants in Korea.
BACKGROUND Maternal prenatal depression is associated with lower offspring birth weight, yet the impact of gestational age on this association remains inadequately understood. AIMS We aimed toExpand
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Health Promotion Behavior according to Body Mass Index and Self-Perception of Body Weight in Female Nursing Students
대학생은 성인기 초기에 속하며, 전통적으로 인생에서 가장 건강한 시기라고 받아들여지긴 하나, 건강 관련 지식부족, 불규칙한 식생활, 운동부족, 음주, 흡연 등의 행위들로 건강을 위협받고 있다(Hong, 2013). 특히 여성에게 대학시절은 신체적, 정신적으로 성숙이 완성되는 시기이며, 여대생들은 폭넒은 대인관계, 학문적 성취, 배우자 선택과 결혼,Expand
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Prenatal maternal distress affects atopic dermatitis in offspring mediated by oxidative stress.
BACKGROUND Recent evidence suggests that prenatal maternal distress increases the risk of allergic diseases in offspring. However, the effect of prenatal maternal depression and anxiety on atopicExpand
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A Korean syndrome of attachment disturbance mimicking symptoms of pervasive developmental disorder
Les variations de troubles de l'attachement ont fait l'objet de bien peu d'attention dans un contexte culturel. Cet article dcrit un syndrome clinique de 25 enfants koreens (âges de deux a quatreExpand
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Hindlimb Muscle Atrophy Occurs From Peripheral Nerve Damage in a Rat Neuropathic Pain Model
Objective: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of neuropathic pain produced by peripheral nerve damage on mass, myofibrillar protein content, and cross-sectional areas of Type I andExpand
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A new species and new record of the Amphilochidae (Crustacea: Amphipoda) from Korea
Two species of the family Amphilochidae were collected from shallow Korean waters. One of the species is new and is described as Hourstonius geojeensis. The morphology of the eyes, lateral cephalicExpand
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Horizontal versus Vertical Reading in Neglect Dyslexia - A Case Study -
Background : Neglect dyslexia is a type of neglect syndrome, in which patients with unilateral hemisphere injury omit or misread the contralateral side of a text or the initial letters of a word.Expand
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An Analysis on the Researches Using Biological Measurement in Major Korean Nursing Journals
Purpose: This study was to examine the frequency, distribution and characteristics of researches using biological measurement published from 2000 to 2004 in 10 major nursing journals in Korea,Expand
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