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Coordinated Responses to Oxygen and Sugar Deficiency Allow Rice Seedlings to Tolerate Flooding
The protein kinase CIPK15 integrates the response to hypoxia with sugar signaling to allow submerged rice seedlings to grow. Surviving Submergence Although plants need water to survive, too much of aExpand
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A rice gene activation/knockout mutant resource for high throughput functional genomics
Using transfer DNA (T-DNA) with functions of gene trap and gene knockout and activation tagging, a mutant population containing 55,000 lines was generated. Approximately 81% of this populationExpand
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The SnRK1A Protein Kinase Plays a Key Role in Sugar Signaling during Germination and Seedling Growth of Rice[W]
Sugars repress α-amylase expression in germinating embryos and cell cultures of rice (Oryza sativa) through a sugar response complex (SRC) in α-amylase gene promoters and its interactingExpand
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Transcriptomic adaptations in rice suspension cells under sucrose starvation
Sugar is an important resource for energy generation and developmental regulation in plants, and sucrose starvation causes enormous changes in cellular morphology, enzyme activities and geneExpand
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Metabolic adaptation to sugar/O2 deficiency for anaerobic germination and seedling growth in rice.
Rice is characterized by a broad range of metabolic and morphological adaptations to flooding, such as germination and mobilization of stored nutrients under submergence until seedlings reach theExpand
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Spacelike spherically symmetric CMC hypersurfaces in Schwarzschild spacetimes (I): Construction
We solve spacelike spherically symmetric constant mean curvature (SS-CMC) hypersurfaces in Schwarzschild spacetimes and analyze their asymptotic behavior near the coordinate singularity r = 2M.Expand
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Spacelike Spherically Symmetric CMC Foliation in the Extended Schwarzschild Spacetime
We first summarize the characterization of smooth spacelike spherically symmetric constant mean curvature (SS-CMC) hypersurfaces in the Schwarzschild spacetime and Kruskal extension. Then use theExpand
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Dirichlet problem for the constant mean curvature equation and CMC foliation in the extended Schwarzschild spacetime
  • K. Lee
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • 15 January 2016
We prove the existence and uniqueness of the Dirichlet problem for the spacelike, spherically symmetric, constant mean curvature equation with symmetric boundary data in the extended SchwarzschildExpand
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SnRK1A-Interacting Negative Regulators Modulate the Nutrient Starvation Signaling Sensor SnRK1 in Source-Sink Communication in Cereal Seedlings under Abiotic Stress [C] [W]
This work identifies a family of plant-specific SnRK1A-interacting negative regulators, SKINs, which repress SnRK1A-dependent sugar/nutrient starvation signaling by inhibiting the induction of enzymeExpand
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Effective dose evaluation for BNCT brain tumor treatment based on voxel phantoms.
For BNCT treatments, in addition to tumor target doses, non-negligible doses will result in all the remaining organs of the body. This work aims to evaluate the effective dose as well as the averageExpand
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