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Infinite-layer LaNiO2: Ni1+ is not Cu2+
Half semimetallic antiferromagnetism in theSr2CrTO6system(T=Os,Ru)
Double perovskite Sr$_2$CrOsO$_6$ is (or is very close to) a realization of a spin-asymmetric semimetallic compensated ferrimagnet, according to first principles calculations. This type of near-halfExpand
Evaluation of half-metallic antiferromagnetism in A 2 CrFeO 6 (A = La, Sr)
The nearly well-ordered double perovskite La$_2$CrFeO$_6$ has been synthesized recently. Contrary to previous theoretical predictions, but in agreement with experimental observations, our firstExpand
Polymer surfaces and interfaces : characterization, modification and applicaiton
Preface PART 1. POLYMER SURFACE MODIFICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION New approaches for polymer surface modification D. E. Bergbreiter, B. Srinivas, G.-F. Xu, G. Aguilar, B. C. Ponder, H. N. Gray and A.Expand
Structural and correlation effects in the itinerant insulating antiferromagnetic perovskite NaOsO3
The orthorhombic perovskite NaOsO3 undergoes a continuous metal-insulator transition (MIT), accompanied by antiferromagnetic (AFM) order at T_N=410 K, suggested to be an example of the rare SlaterExpand
Orbital-ordering driven structural distortion in metallic SrCrO3
In contrast to the previous reports that the divalent perovskite ${\text{SrCrO}}_{3}$ was believed to be cubic structure and nonmagnetic metal, recent measurements suggest coexistence of majorityExpand
Electronic structures, magnetism, and phonon spectra in the metallic cubic perovskite BaOsO 3
Using ab initio calculations, we have investigated a cubic perovskite BaOsO3 and a few related compounds that have been synthesized recently and formally have a metallic d^4 configuration. In BaOsO3,Expand
Fabrication of low-temperature acetylene gas sensor based on Ag nanoparticles-loaded hierarchical ZnO nanostructures
Fabrication and evaluation of Ag nanoparticles (NPs)-loaded hierarchical ZnO nanostructure (Ag/ZnO) and their acetylene (C2H2) gas sensing properties have been studied. Physical and structuralExpand
Spin-orbit interaction driven collective electron-hole excitations in a noncentrosymmetric nodal loop Weyl semimetal
NbP is one member of a new class of nodal loop semimetals characterized by the cooperative effects of spin-orbit coupling (SOC) and a lack of inversion center. Here transport and spectroscopicExpand
Superconductivity in boron-doped diamond.
  • K. Lee, W. Pickett
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 22 April 2004
Superconductivity of boron-doped diamond is investigated exploiting its electronic and vibrational analogies to MgB2, finding the calculated coupling strength lambda approximately 0.5 leads to T(c) in the 5-10 K range and makes phonon coupling the likely mechanism. Expand