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The myth of multiculturalism in ‘Asia's world city’: incomprehensive policies for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong
Branded by its government as ‘Asia's world city’, Hong Kong is described as ‘an open, tolerant and pluralistic community, and a city rich in culture and tradition’. However, beneath this ‘harmony’Expand
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Citizenship, economy and social exclusion of mainland Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong
Abstract Hong Kong is often viewed as a Chinese immigrants' city. This article discusses three interrelated dimensions of the social exclusion of migrants designated as “new” Chinese immigrants inExpand
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Social Polarisation and Poverty in the Global City
Unlike the poverty in the developing world which is more likely associated with undevelopment or underdevelopment of industrial capitalism, the new poverty in advanced cities is induced by theExpand
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Nations, National Narratives and Communities in the Asia-Pacific
Introduction: Un/settled Narrations: Nationalism in the Asia-Pacific Norman Vasu, Yolanda Chin and Kam-yee Law Part 1: Constructing Commonality and the Nation 1. Rethinking the Who, What and When:Expand
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Socio-political Embeddings of South Asian Ethnic Minorities' Economic Situations in Hong Kong
This paper aims to develop a better understanding of the economic situations of South Asian minorities in Hong Kong. A theoretical perspective emphasizing the embedding of economic behavior withinExpand
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The Prewar Social Welfare Programs of the British Hong Kong Government in the Angle of Departmental Report
The Departmental Reports from 1909 to 1939 are long - ignored official files of the British Hong Kong government. These reports show that the British Hong Kong government had done many works onExpand
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The Chinese Cultural Revolution Reconsidered: Beyond Purge and Holocaust
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  • 24 June 2003
List of Tables and Figure Notes on the Contributors Preface Explanations for China's Revolution at its Peak L.T.White III & K-Y.Law Between Destruction and Construction: The First Year of theExpand
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The red line over European colonialism: comparison of the Macao museum and Hong Kong museum of history after their return to China
Hong Kong and Macao were once European colonies. A unique, hybrid culture of East and West now flourishes in these two Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of China. Both cities opened new historyExpand
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Multicultural social work practice and South Asian migrants in Hong Kong
ABSTRACT This paper explores how multicultural social work responds to the needs and structural issues faced by South Asian migrants in Hong Kong. Three working approaches, namely, theExpand
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