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Immunomodulatory and anti-SARS activities of Houttuynia cordata
The present study aimed to explore the SARS-preventing mechanisms of HC in the immunological and anti-viral aspects and provided scientific data to support the efficient and safe use of HC to combat SARS. Expand
Chemistry and biological activities of caffeic acid derivatives from Salvia miltiorrhiza.
The structural diversity and the pronounced biological activities encountered in the caffeic acid derivatives of S. miltiorrhiza indicate that this class of compounds is worthy of further studies that may lead to new drug discovery. Expand
The in vivo and in vitro diabetic wound healing effects of a 2-herb formula and its mechanisms of action.
This study presents for the first time scientific evidence towards the efficacy of the two-herb formula NF3 in enhancing diabetic wound healing through the actions of tissue regeneration, angiogenesis and anti-inflammation. Expand
Pharmacological investigation on the wound healing effects of Radix Rehmanniae in an animal model of diabetic foot ulcer.
It is demonstrated for the first time that Radix Rehmanniae was effective in promoting diabetic foot ulcer healing in rats through the processes of tissue regeneration, angiogenesis and inflammation control, but not glycemia control. Expand
A comparative study on aqueous root extracts of Pueraria thomsonii and Pueraria lobata by antioxidant assay and HPLC fingerprint analysis.
The HPLC method developed and chemical markers 1-6 can be used for the rapid identification and evaluation of Radix Puerariae herbs and their aqueous supplements, and the results of this investigation support the use of pueraria lobata and Puerria thomsonii in the clinic application and as dietary supplement, respectively. Expand
Synergistic interaction between Astragali Radix and Rehmanniae Radix in a Chinese herbal formula to promote diabetic wound healing.
The results of present study justified the combined usage of AR and RR in the ratio of 2:1 as NF3 to treat diabetic foot ulcer and illustrated that AR is the principal herb in this herbal formula. Expand
Effects of tea catechins, epigallocatechin, gallocatechin, and gallocatechin gallate, on bone metabolism.
The present study illustrated that the tea catechins, EGC in particular, had positive effects on bone metabolism through a double process of promoting osteoblastic activity and inhibiting osteoclast differentiations. Expand
Antioxidant activity of phenylethanoid glycosides from Brandisia hancei.
The ethanol extract of this plant and four phenylethanoid glycosides isolated from it were shown to have inhibitory effects on free radical-induced hemolysis of red blood cells and free radical scavenging activities in vitro. Expand
Effectiveness of Scutellaria barbata water extract on inhibiting colon tumor growth and metastasis in tumor‐bearing mice
Findings provided evidences that SBW (at the mouse equivalent dosages to clinical dosages recommended by CP) could exert anti‐tumor and anti‐metastatic effects in colon cancer animal models. Expand
Pharmacological investigations of the anti-diabetic effect of Cortex Moutan and its active component paeonol.
  • C. Lau, C. Chan, +9 authors C. Lau
  • Medicine
  • Phytomedicine : international journal of…
  • 5 November 2007
With neonatal-streptozotocin diabetic rats, paeonol (200 and 400mg/kgbody wt.) was found to improve oral glucose tolerance in vivo, the first report on the anti-diabetic effect of pae onol. Expand