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Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers for an important tropical tree, Aquilaria malaccensis (Thymelaeaceae).
This is the first report on the development of microsatellite markers in A. malaccensis and will be used to establish a DNA profiling database and to estimate the genetic diversity and population genetic structure of the species.
The conservation of Peninsular Malaysian Geostachys (Zingiberaceae).
  • K. Lau
  • Environmental Science
  • 2014
There are currently 15 species of Geostachys in Peninsular Malaysia of which 13 are hyper endemic to their localities. Four taxa are categorised as Endangered, eight as Vulnerable and one each as
Materials for a Taxonomic Revision of Geostachys (Baker) Ridl. (Zingiberaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia
Materials for a taxonomic revision of the Geostachys (Baker) Ridl. in Peninsular Malaysia, resulting from recent fieldwork are presented, with notes on the threat assessment of extant species. Twelve
A new species of Tenothrips pollinating Dipterocarpus sublamellatus in Malaysia.
This new species was taken from the flowers of Dipterocarpus sublamellatus (local name Keruing kerut) during the recent mass-flowering and has a pair of stout setae on abdominal tergite IX, and there are no sternal pore plates.
Aquilaria malaccensis (Malvales: Thymelaeaceae): a new host plant record for Deudorix epijarbas cinnabarus (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) in Malaysia
  • K. Lau, S. Ong
  • Biology
    Journal of Threatened Taxa
  • 26 August 2019
Aquilaria malaccensis Lam., a highly threatened and one of the most sought-after agarwood producing species listed in the Appendix II of CITES, is reported here as the new host plant for Deudorix
Senyumiagranitica (Gesneriaceae) from Johor, Malaysia, the second species of Senyumia
The genus Senyumia was previously known from a single species, S.minutiflora, from a limestone karst in Pahang, Malaysia, but Senyumiagranitica Kiew, here described and illustrated, is the second species of the genus.