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Live (Rose Bengal stained) and dead benthic foraminifera from the oxygen minimum zone of the Pakistan continental margin (Arabian Sea)
Live (Rose Bengal stained) and dead benthic foraminiferal communities (hard-shelled species only) from the Pakistan continental margin oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) have been studied in order toExpand
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Faunal responses to oxygen gradients on the Pakistan margin: A comparison of foraminiferans, macrofauna and megafauna
The Pakistan Margin is characterised by a strong mid-water oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) that intercepts the seabed at bathyal depths (150–1300 m). We investigated whether faunal abundance and diversityExpand
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Foraminiferal faunal responses to monsoon-driven changes in organic matter and oxygen availability at 140 and 300 m water depth in the NE Arabian Sea
The faunal responses of benthic Foraminifera were investigated during 2003 at two contrasting sites in the Pakistan margin oxygen minimum zone (OMZ). Bottom-water-dissolved oxygen concentrations atExpand
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Oxygen as a control on seafloor biological communities and their roles in sedimentary carbon cycling
13C tracer experiments were conducted at sites spanning the steep oxygen, organic matter, and biological community gradients across the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone, in order to quantify the roleExpand
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Long-term variability of downward particle flux in the deep northeast Atlantic: Causes and trends
At 3000 m depth the downward flux of particulate matter shows substantial seasonal and interannual variation. Complete annual records for eight of the past 14 years have been examined in the light ofExpand
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Uptake of algal carbon and the likely synthesis of an "essential" fatty acid by Uvigerina ex. gr. semiornata (Foraminifera) within the Pakistan margin oxygen minimum zone: evidence from fatty acid
Foraminifera are an important component of ben- thic communities in oxygen-depleted settings, where they potentially play a significant role in the processing of organic matter. We tracked the uptakeExpand
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The trophic and metabolic pathways of foraminifera in the Arabian Sea: evidence from cellular stable isotopes
Abstract. The Arabian Sea is a region of elevated productivity with the highest globally recorded fluxes of particulate organic matter (POM) to the deep ocean, providing an abundant food source forExpand
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The Porcupine Abyssal Plain fixed-point sustained observatory (PAP-SO): variations and trends from the Northeast Atlantic fixed-point time-series
The Porcupine Abyssal Plain sustained observatory (PAP-SO) in the Northeast Atlantic (49°N 16.5°W; 4800 m) is the longest running open-ocean multidisciplinary observatory in the oceans around Europe.Expand
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The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet): Visions and Roles of the Gateway to Marine Data in Europe
Marine data are needed for many purposes: for acquiring a better scientific understanding of the marine environment, but also, increasingly, as marine knowledge for decision making as well asExpand
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Navigating the future IV
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