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MSC, a new benzoquinone-containing natural product with antimetastatic effect.
An orally applicable fermentation product of wheat germ containing 0.04% substituted benzoquinone (MSC) has been invented by Hungarian chemists under the trade name of AVEMAR. Oral administration (3Expand
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Proteoglycans and tumor progression: Janus-faced molecules with contradictory functions in cancer.
Understanding the details of the molecular mechanism of tumor dissemination revealed that several proteoglycan species are involved in the process but their role can be described as Janus-faced. OneExpand
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Isolation of a transplantable cell line induced by the MC29 avian leukosis virus.
Summary A transplantable cell line was isolated from a liver tumor induced by the MC29 strain of avian leukosis virus. It was found that its ability to develop into a tumor when inoculated inExpand
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Effect of Avemar and Avemar + vitamin C on tumor growth and metastasis in experimental animals.
Because of the observed immunostimulatory actions of a new fermented wheat germ extract--with standardized benzoquinone composition--we have investigated the eventual tumor growth- andExpand
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Effect of MSC on the immune response of mice.
The supposed immunostimulatory actions of MSC, a new fermented wheat germ extract standardized to its benzoquinone composition (trade name: AVEMAR) were studied examining blastic transformation ofExpand
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Immunohistochemical detection of transforming growth factor‐β1 in fibrotic liver diseases
Transforming growth factor‐β1 was localized by means of immunohistochemical reaction in liver biopsy specimens taken from patients having different chronic liver diseases with extending fibrosis. TwoExpand
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Selection and characterization of human melanoma lines with different liver‐colonizing capacity
Two human melanoma lines with low (HTI68) and high (HTI 68‐MI) liver metastatic capacity in immunosuppressed mice were selected in vivo from the A2058 cell line. After i. v. injection of the 2 tumorExpand
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Comparative study on Lewis lung tumor lines with 'low' and 'high' metastatic capacity. I. Growth rate, morphology and resistance to host defence.
A highly metastatic variant (LLT-HH) of liver metastasizing Lewis lung tumor (LLT) has been selected. Comparative studies were made on proliferation rate, morphological characteristics and host cellExpand
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Increased metastatic capacity of Lewis lung tumor cells by in vivo selection procedure.
Lewis lung tumor cells from liver metastases originally obtained from an intrasplenic tumor, and lung metastases obtained from an intramuscular transplant, were repeatedly passaged in theExpand
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Wheat germ extract inhibits experimental colon carcinogenesis in F-344 rats.
It has been demonstrated for the first time that a wheat germ extract prevents colonic cancer in laboratory animals. Four-week-old inbred male F-344 rats were used in the study. Colon carcinogenesisExpand
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