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Charmonium: The Model
A comprehensive treatment of the charmonium model of the psi family is presented. The model's basic assumption is a flavor-symmetric instantaneous effective interaction between quark color densities.Expand
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New Tests for Quark and Lepton Substructure
If quarks and leptons are composite at the energy scale ..lambda.., the strong forces binding their constituents induce flavor-diagonal contact interactions, which have significant effects atExpand
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Charmonium: Comparison with Experiment
The charmonium model, formulated in detail in an earlier publication, is compared in a comprehensive fashion with the data on the $\ensuremath{\psi}$ family. The parameters of the "naive" model, inExpand
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Two Scale Technicolor
Abstract Walking technicolor theories naturally have fermions belonging to different technicolor representations and, therefore, at least two distinct energy scales below 1 TeV. We study a simplifiedExpand
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Simulations of supercollider physics
Abstract The Standard Model of particle physics makes it possible to simulate complete events for physics signatures and their backgrounds in high-energy collisions. A knowledge of how the producedExpand
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The Scalar Sector of the Electroweak Interactions
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Aspects of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking
Abstract In technicolor models it has recently been suggested that dynamics at scales much higher than the electroweak scale can play a significant role in electroweak symmetry breaking, and thatExpand
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The Spectrum of Charmonium
The discovery of narrow resonances at 3.1 and 3.7 GeV and their interpretation as charmed quark-antiquark bound states suggest additional narrow states between 3.0 and 4.3 GeV. A model whichExpand
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