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Holographic operator mixing and quasinormal modes on the brane
We provide a framework for calculating holographic Green’s functions from general bilinear actions and fields obeying coupled differential equations in the bulk. The matrix-valued spectral function
Holographic meson melting
The plasma phase at high temperatures of a strongly coupled gauge theory can be holographically modelled by an AdS black hole. Matter in the fundamental representation and in the quenched
Anomalous Transport from Kubo Formulae
Chiral anomalies have profound impact on the transport properties of relativistic fluids. In four dimensions there are different types of anomalies, pure gauge and mixed gauge-gravitational
Notes on Anomaly Induced Transport
Chiral anomalies give rise to dissipationless transport phenomena such as the chiral magnetic and vortical effects. In these notes I review the theory from a quantum field theoretic, hydrodynamic and
Holographic gravitational anomaly and chiral vortical effect
We analyze a holographic model with a pure gauge and a mixed gauge-gravitational Chern-Simons term in the action. These are the holographic implementations of the usual chiral and the mixed
Holographic anomalous conductivities and the chiral magnetic effect
We calculate anomaly induced conductivities from a holographic gauge theory model using Kubo formulas, making a clear conceptual distinction between thermodynamic state variables such as chemical
The Specificity of Serological Reactions
This little book brings within the reach of workers in immunology almost a fabulous wealth of references in an exceptionally small compass. The references are indicated, generally, serially by small
Gravitational anomaly and transport phenomena.
The Kubo formula for the anomalous vortical conductivity at weak coupling is evaluated and it is shown that it receives contributions proportional to the gravitational anomaly coefficient.