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Design of analog integrated circuits and systems
MOS transistor models bipolar transistor models feedback and sensitivity in analogue integrated circuits elementary transistor stages behavioural modelling of operational and transconductanceExpand
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A family of active switched capacitor biquad building blocks
Two closely related, low-sensitivity, active switched capacitor fitter topologies are presented. Each of these circuits comprises two operational amplifiers and at most nine capacitors. TheExpand
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Convergence analysis of an algorithm for blind equalization
The authors consider a key algorithm for blind equalization and derive expressions for the evolution of the equalizer output error trajectory. Expand
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Computer-aided design of withdrawal-weighted SAW bandpass filters
This paper reviews some of the motivation that has led to development of SAW bandpass filters, based on withdrawal-weighted designs. Expand
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A simple hard-limited adaptive algorithm for blind equalization
An algorithm for adaptive blind equalization is proposed. It is interpreted as a sign version of a widely referenced algorithm for blind equalization, and it is demonstrated by way of simulationsExpand
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Synthesis of a low-sensitivity multiloop feedback active RC filter
A general, low-sensitivity multiloop feedback configuration for realizing higher order transfer functions is presented. A synthesis procedure, which incorporates the desirable building block approachExpand
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Multiple-Loop Feedback Topologies for the Design of Low-Sensitivity Active Filters
Improved sensitivity performance of active filters in multiloop feedback (coupled) topologies is well known. Expand
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Tonal behavior analysis of an adaptive second-order sigma-delta modulator
  • Xiaohong Sun, K. Laker
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and…
  • 7 August 2002
An adaptive second-order sigma-delta modulator that significantly reduces the dominant tone near f/sub s//2, which can not be reduced by dithering in a standard second order single-bit modulator. Expand
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Continuous-Time Active Filters - Biquadratic Realizations
In this chapter, the design and performance of single-amplifier and multiple-AMplifier active-RC and active-R(C) biquad circuits has been considered. Expand
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