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Dispersion of acoustic waves in a turbulent medium
Abstract Expressions have been obtained for the mean amplitude and its dispersion for an acoustic wave propagating in a medium with slight random inhomogeneities in the refractive index and smallExpand
Electromagnetic wave propagation and instabilities in the magnetosphere
Growth rates for both the RH- and LH-modes of an EM wave propagating along a magnetic field through an isotropic loss-cone plasma have been obtained. It is found that growing modes can exist, and areExpand
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Electrostatic ion cyclotron waves in an anisotropic plasma
In the solar wind, electrostatic ion cyclotron waves can be excited, by electrons or ions when the flow velocity becomes supersonic. The instability of these waves is investigated for a situation inExpand
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Electromagnetic instabilities in an anisotropic loss-cone plasma
AbstractA form of general dispersion relation for electromagnetic waves in a fully ionized anisotropic plasma with loss-cone that explicates the contribution of the loss-cone to the dispersionExpand
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Electromagnetic ion streaming instability
The instability of electromagnetic linearly polarized waves is discussed for a system composed of two identical counterstreaming ion beams in a uniform background of relatively stationary electrons.
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Variational methods for complex eigenfrequencies
Variational expressions have been developed for the complex normal-mode frequencies occurring in a variety of physical systems including laboratory and solar plasmas as well as cosmic space.
Generation of atmospheric turbulence by solar radiation
A statistical framework of weak turbulence is applied to investigate the maintenance of atmospheric turbulence during a long period, even after the external energy supply from solar radiations hasExpand
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MHD turbulence via extended Burgers' equation
An extension of the Burgers' equation, which relates a random velocity field and random magnetic field, is treated statistically to study the energy transfer in the nonlinear interactions.
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Unified approach to weak turbulence
A unifield formulation of weak homogeneous turbulence has been developed by introducing Bogoliubov's expansion method, known from the dynamical theory in statistical mechanics. It enables to closeExpand