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An Indoor Bluetooth-Based Positioning System: Concept, Implementation and Experimental Evaluation
This paper presents the experimental evaluation of a Bluetooth-based positioning system. The method has been implemented in a Bluetooth-capable handheld device. Empirical tests of the developedExpand
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Intelligent Transportation Systems
This issues Works in Progress department features 10 interesting ongoing intelligent transportation systems projects. The first five projects (TIME, Sentient Transport, EVT, DynaCHINA, TrafficView)Expand
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Fast handover algorithm for IEEE 802.16e broadband wireless access system
IEEE 802.16e wireless metropolitan area networks refers to the new standard for broadband wireless access (BWA), which targets to support wireless Internet service up to 2 Mbps. Existing draftExpand
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Mobile positioning technologies in cellular networks: an evaluation of their performance metrics
Effective evaluation of positioning methods in order to give fair results when comparing different positioning technologies requires performance measurements applicable to all the positioningExpand
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Location management in cellular networks: classification of the most important paradigms, realistic Simulation framework, and relative performance analysis
This paper actualizes the classification of location management methods published up to now and presents results of a related extensive performance comparison of the most important paradigms forExpand
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NLOS detection algorithms for Ultra-Wideband localization
Non Line of Sight (NLOS) channels are one of the major drawbacks for accurate ranging and localization with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. Whereas several proposals exist to detect theseExpand
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A Context-Aware Vertical Handover Decision Algorithm for Multimode Mobile Terminals and Its Performance
Traditional handover decision algorithms for mobile devices mainly depend on signal strength. In the very near future, these will be obsolete for wireless networks and mobile terminals that areExpand
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Architecture of a Context-Aware Vertical Handover Decision Model and Its Performance Analysis for GPRS - WiFi Handover
The common desire to be connected "anytime, anywhere, anyway, and to anything" leads to explosive growth of mobile computing and speedy emergence of new wireless technologies, applications, andExpand
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Emotion Recognition Involving Physiological and Speech Signals: A Comprehensive Review
Emotions play an extremely important role in how we make decisions, in planning, in reasoning, and in other human mental states. The recognition of a driver’s emotions is becoming a vital task forExpand
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Non-intrusive car driver's emotion recognition using thermal camera
Several intrusive and non-intrusive techniques have been proposed in the past to monitor car driver's emotions but very little light was shed on using thermal cameras for such applications. ThisExpand
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