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Evidence for magnetic Weyl fermions in a correlated metal.
Experimental evidence is reported for magnetic Weyl fermions in Mn3Sn, a non-collinear antiferromagnet that exhibits a large anomalous Hall effect, even at room temperature, and lays the foundation for a new field of science and technology involving the magnetic Wey excitations of strongly correlated electron systems such as Mn3 Sn. Expand
Slater to Mott Crossover in the Metal to Insulator Transition of Nd_{2}Ir_{2}O_{7}.
A remarkable crossover from Slater to Mott insulators with decreasing temperature is identified, explaining the puzzling absence of Weyl points in this material, despite its proximity to the zero temperature metal-insulator transition. Expand
Upper limits from the LIGO and TAMA detectors on the rate of gravitational-wave bursts
We report on the first joint search for gravitational waves by the TAMA and LIGO collaborations. We looked for millisecond-duration unmodeled gravitational-wave bursts in 473 hr of coincident dataExpand
Hexagonally deformed Fermi surface of the 3D topological insulator Bi2Se3.
It is demonstrated that the Fermi energy of naturally electron-doped Bi2Se3 can be tuned by 1% Mg doping in order to realize the quantum topological transport. Expand
Efficient spin resolved spectroscopy observation machine at Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center.
The ESPRESSO machine, combination of quick energy-band dispersion measurement and Fermi surface mapping by two-dimensional electron detector for the spin integrated ARPES and the high-efficient spin analysis by the efficient spin detector realizes the comprehensive investigation of spin electronic structure of materials. Expand
A weak topological insulator state in quasi-one-dimensional bismuth iodide
Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy is used to characterize the surface states of bismuth iodide, providing experimental evidence of a weak topological insulator state that had previously been only theoretically predicted. Expand
Valley-dependent spin polarization in bulk MoS2 with broken inversion symmetry.
The direct observation of valley-dependent out-of-plane spin polarization in an archetypal transition-metal dichalcogenide--MoS2--using spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy is reported, in fair agreement with a first-principles theoretical prediction. Expand
Stable operation of a 300-m laser interferometer with sufficient sensitivity to detect gravitational-wave events within our galaxy.
TAMA300, an interferometric gravitational-wave detector with 300-m baseline length, has been developed and operated with sufficient sensitivity to detect gravitational-wave events within our galaxyExpand
Surface scattering via bulk continuum states in the 3D topological insulator Bi2Se3.
Comparison of the present experimental result with theoretical surface and bulk band structures shows that the electron interference occurs through the scattering between the surface states near the Dirac node and the bulk continuum states. Expand
Spin texture in type-II Weyl semimetal WTe 2
We determine the band structure and spin texture of ${\mathrm{WTe}}_{2}$ by spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (SARPES). With the support of first-principles calculations, we revealExpand