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Second addition to volume 15 (Trichoptera: Annulipalpia) and volume 19 (Trichoptera: Integripalpia) of Fauna bulgarica
The genus Trichostegia and four species (Hydroptila angulata, Trichostegia minor, Oecetis intima and Mystacides longicornis) are found for the first time in Bulgaria. The recently describedExpand
Studies on the fauna of Trichoptera (Insecta) of Korea. iv. the family Lepidostomatidae
A review of the Lepidostomatidae of Korea is provided. The known Korean lepidostomatid fauna comprises eight species: Four species have been recorded previously, Dinarthrodes albardanus (Ulmer), D.Expand
Studies on Trichoptera(Insecta) of Korea (North). V. Superfamily of Limnephiloidea, except Lepidostomatidae and Leptoceridae
북한산 우묵날도래상과는 8과 32종으로 분리되며 이중 13종의 미기록종과 1미기록속 Dicosmoecus가 한반도에서는 처음으로 보고된다. 또한 ㅂ 신종 hydatophylax sakharov sp. nov. 가 샐이 기재된다. 그리고 Limephlius sp., Goera parvula Martynov, G. japonica Banks, GumagaExpand
Trichoptera (Insecta) from new Guinea
Abstract This paper is a systematic report on a collection of caddisflies from Papua‐New Guinea. Twenty‐four taxa are identified to species and nine others are determined only to the generic level.Expand
The Larva of Hydropsyche tabacarui Botosaneanu, 1960 (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae), Including a Re-description of the Female
The larva of Hydropsyche tabacarui Botosaneanu, 1960 is described and compared with the morphologically very similar larva of H. tibialis McLachlan, 1884. Information for the identification of bothExpand