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[A case of tertiary hyperparathyroidism following kidney transplantation complicated by lithiasis].
A case of tertiary (autonomous) hyperparathyroidism, persisting in a patient who had successful kidney transplantation, and subtotal parathyroidectomy six months after the transplantation led to complete cure. Expand
[The treatment of prostatic carcinoma with cyproterone acetate].
It is believed that the combination cyproterone acetate with other hormonal preparations or orchiectomy yield optimal results in all groups of patients. Expand
[The modern diagnosis of stenosis and obstruction of the ureter].
Analysis of the clinical and laboratory data demonstrated an outstanding triad of clinical symptoms: pain, hematuria and dysuria, followed in incidence by microhematuria, leukocyturia and hemoglobin content lower than 10 mg %. Expand
[Intravesical distension in the corrugated tuberculotic bladder].
The authors describe their own modified method of hydrostatic intravesical distension of the tuberculotic-cirrhotic bladder, using epidural anesthesia, and worked out indications for it, and show an increase in the bladder volume and a decreased urination frequency in 8 patients. Expand
[The incidence of kidney carcinoma and its occupational distribution in patients in the Republic of Bulgaria].
By incidence rate of the disease Bulgaria is assigned to the moderate morbidity type in Europe, and most of the patients come from Vratsa and Vidin districts. Expand