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Bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of genistein: mechanistic studies on its ADME.
Genistein, one of the most active natural flavonoids, exerts various biological effects including chemoprevention, antioxidation, antiproliferation and anticancer. More than 30 clinical trials ofExpand
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Disposition of naringenin via glucuronidation pathway is affected by compensating efflux transporters of hydrophilic glucuronides.
The purposes of this study were to investigate how efflux transporters and UDP-glucuronosyltransferases (UGT) affect the disposition of naringenin. A rat intestinal perfusion model with bile ductExpand
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Biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic characterization of matrine as determined by a sensitive and robust UPLC-MS/MS method.
  • Z. Yang, S. Gao, +4 authors M. Hu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
  • 6 April 2010
The purpose of this research was to develop a sensitive and reproducible UPLC-MS/MS method to analyze matrine, an anticancer compound, and to use it to investigate its biopharmaceutical andExpand
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Effect of Hydrogen Sulfide on Sympathetic Neurotransmission and Catecholamine Levels in Isolated Porcine Iris-Ciliary Body
In the present study, we investigated the pharmacological action of hydrogen sulfide (H2S, using sodium hydrosulfide, NaHS, and/or sodium sulfide, Na2S as donors) on sympathetic neurotransmissionExpand
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Inhibition of Potassium- and Ischemia-Evoked [3H] D-Aspartate Release from Isolated Bovine Retina by Cannabinoids
We investigated the effect of cannabinoids on potassium chloride (K+)- and ischemia-induced [3H]D-aspartate release from isolated bovine retinae. The superfusion method was employed for studies ofExpand
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Effect of hydrogen peroxide on amino acid concentrations in bovine retina and vitreous humor, ex vivo.
In a previous study, we showed evidence that oxidative stress induced by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) can inhibit the release of [3H]-D-aspartate from the bovine isolated retina, in vitro. The aim of theExpand
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Simultaneous determination of genistein and its four phase II metabolites in blood by a sensitive and robust UPLC-MS/MS method: Application to an oral bioavailability study of genistein in mice.
  • Z. Yang, W. Zhu, +6 authors M. Hu
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
  • 21 September 2010
The purpose of this research was to develop a sensitive and reproducible UPLC-MS/MS method to simultaneously quantify genistein, genistein-7-O-glucuronide (G-7-G), genistein-4'-O-glucuronideExpand
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Butanol fraction containing berberine or related compound from nexrutine® inhibits NFκB signaling and induces apoptosis in prostate cancer cells
Epidemiological and laboratory studies support the hypothesis that several plant components influence prostate carcinogenesis and holds promise for disease prevention. Previously we reported thatExpand
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Disposition of Flavonoids via Enteric Recycling: UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) 1As Deficiency in Gunn Rats Is Compensated by Increases in UGT2Bs Activities
Flavonoids have poor bioavailabilities largely because of metabolism via UDP-glucuronosyltransferases (UGTs). This study aims to further understand the functions of UGT in metabolizing genistein andExpand
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Ocular pharmacology of bicyclic hexahydroaporphines.
  • S. Ohia, G. Zhan, +4 authors V. Roche
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Methods and findings in experimental and clinical…
  • 1 March 2005
This paper explores the ocular hypotensive actions of bicyclic analogs of hexahydroaporphine (HHA), specifically nor-HHA, in an attempt to shed light on the mechanism(s) by which they lowerExpand
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