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Network-Level Infrastructure Management Using Approximate Dynamic Programming
This research introduces the use of approximate dynamic programming to overcome a variety of limitations of distinct infrastructure management problem formulations. Expand
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Adaptive Optimization and Systematic Probing of Infrastructure System Maintenance Policies under Model Uncertainty - eScholarship
We present an application of systematic probing for selecting optimal maintenance, repair, and reconstruction MR&R policies for systems of infrastructure facilities under model uncertainty. We use anExpand
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Model Uncertainty and the Management of a System of Infrastructure Facilities
The network-level infrastructure management problem involves selecting and scheduling Maintenance, Repair, and Rehabilitation (MR&R) activities on networks of infrastructure facilities so as toExpand
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Robust Maintenance Policies for Markovian Systems under Model Uncertainty
  • K. Kuhn, S. Madanat
  • Economics, Computer Science
  • Comput. Aided Civ. Infrastructure Eng.
  • 1 September 2005
This paper introduces the use of robust optimization to deal with epistemic uncertainty. Expand
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Open Government Data and Public Transportation
Governments are increasingly making public transportation data available to the public on the Internet. The data can be used to explore and characterize current and historical service levels or toExpand
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Traffic Flow Forecasting and Spatial Data Aggregation
We show how using aggregate models can increase the accuracy of large-scale traffic flow forecasting models over multiple links of a roadway network. Expand
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Risk-based economic evaluation of pavement construction options
This paper presents a feasibility study looking into the application of @RISK software to perform a full risk-based economic analysis of alternative pavement designs in a New Zealand context. TheExpand
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Using structural topic modeling to identify latent topics and trends in aviation incident reports
  • K. Kuhn
  • Computer Science
  • 1 February 2018
This article describes the application of structural topic modeling to Aviation Safety Reporting System data. Expand
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Airport Service Vehicle Scheduling
e Abstract{Airport service vehicles, such as luggage trailers and passenger buses, service an aircraft af- ter the aircraft arrives and before it departs. The timely arrivals of these vehicles helpExpand
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Ground delay program planning: Delay, equity, and computational complexity
The Federal Aviation Administration, in consultation with air carriers, manages Ground Delay Programs, delaying aircraft scheduled to land at capacity constrained airports prior to takeoff toExpand
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