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  • T. Sota, K. Kubota
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  • 1 October 1998
We demonstrate experimentally that differences in genital characters impose a direct cost of interspecific copulation on two closely related carabid species, Carabus (Ohomopterus) maiyasanus and C.Expand
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Consequences of hybridization between Ohomopterus insulicola and O. arrowianus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in a segmented river basin: parallel formation of hybrid swarms
A putative hybrid zone between flightless carabid beetles, Carabus (Ohomopterus)insulicola and C. (O.) arrowianus nakamurai in the Ina Valley, central Honshu, Japan, was studied using experimentalExpand
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Diverse diet compositions among harpaline ground beetle species revealed by mixing model analyses of stable isotope ratios
1. Species diversities of some insect lineages have been attributed to differentiation of feeding habits among species. Our objective was to determine variation in diet composition among harpalineExpand
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Evolutionary Relationships Among Food Habit, Loss of Flight, and Reproductive Traits: Life-History Evolution in the Silphinae (Coleoptera: Silphidae)
Abstract Flightlessness in insects is generally thought to have evolved due to changes in habitat environment or habitat isolation. Loss of flight may have changed reproductive traits in insects, butExpand
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Flight capabilities and feeding habits of silphine beetles: are flightless species really “carrion beetles”?
We determined the flight capabilities and feeding habits of adults of nine silphine beetle species and illustrated their relationship. We examined the silphine beetles for the presence or absence ofExpand
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Review Processing and mechanical properties of fine-grained magnesium alloys
Magnesium alloys are promising light structural materials. The present paper focuses on fine-grained magnesium-based materials. Grain refinement is attained by hot working without additionalExpand
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Ground beetle community in suburban Satoyama — A case study on wing type and body size under small scale management
Abstract A Satoyama landscape is an important reservoir of biodiversity; however, in post-industrial era traditional Satoyama management became economically unfeasible. To maintain Satoyama,Expand
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Differential sensitivity of ground beetles, Eusilpha japonica and Carabidae, to vegetation disturbance in an abandoned coppice forest in central Japan
We studied the responses of ground beetles to experimental disturbance of vegetation in an abandoned coppice forest in Saitama prefecture, central Japan, during 2004-2006. Experimental manipulationsExpand
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Discovery of mycangia and the associated xylose-fermenting yeasts in stag beetles (Coleoptera: Lucanidae)
Most wood-feeding insects need an association with microbes to utilize wood as food, and some have special organs to store and convey the microbes. We report here the discovery of the microbe-storageExpand
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Dynamic imbalance in gait ataxia. Characteristics of plantar pressure measurements
The present study was designed to evaluate the interaction between disequilibrium and irregular stepping components of ataxic gait. For this purpose, we compared the walking patterns of patients withExpand
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