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The Evergreen Ghat Rain Forest; Agumbekilandur Zone
A Study on Stomatal Complex of Certain Epiphytic Orchids
In the present study stomatal complexes of nine species of epiphytic orchids were studied. All the leaf of selected orchids  are leathery in texure, Hypostomatic condition is predominant, The minimumExpand
The Forests of Ramdurg State (Deccan)
The Montane Evergreen Forest, Bisale Region
The Bisale State Forest, with an area of about 15 square miles occupies the south-western extremity of the Western Ghats of Mysore. The country is hilly, with altitude ranging from 450 to 3,521 feet.Expand
Observations on the Growth of Poeciloneuron Indicum
The Mysore Forest Ranger School