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Up-regulation of CYP2A5 expression by porphyrinogenic agents in mouse liver
Coumarin 7-hydroxylase (COH) activity is catalyzed by the Cyp2a-5 gene product (CYP2A5 enzyme) in mice. Mouse hepatic CYP2A5 expression is often increased in conditions in which other P450 forms areExpand
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Model structure identification for wastewater treatment simulation based on computational fluid dynamics.
The objective of this presented project is to use the results of an CFD simulation to automatically, systematically and reliably generate an appropriate model structure for simulation of the biological processes using CSTR activated sludge compartments. Expand
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Coordination after gains and losses: Is prospect theory’s value function predictive for games?
We analyze the effects of prior gain and loss experiences on individuals’ behavior in two coordination games: battle of the sexes and simultaneous market entry. We propose subjectively transformedExpand
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Characterizing the female entrepreneur: Comparing behavior in a market entry experiment with other groups of individuals
We investigate the strategic decision behavior of female entrepreneurs in a realistic market entry experiment where individuals started with gains or losses experienced prior to the game. We compareExpand
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Official Kai's Power Tools Studio SECRETS
From the Publisher: Beyond their mysterious, beautiful, and occasionally instructable user interfaces, Kai's Power Tools, Bryce, Convolver, Vector Effects, Final Effects, Power Photos, and Power GooExpand
Innovative sandwich structures, as hybrid materials, offer the possibility to integrate various functions and thus achieve significant weight reductions for overall constructions. This paper isExpand
Integration of an active remote sensing system in the surveillance of traces gases in the maritime environment
Ship emissions are an important source for particles and trace gases like CO, CO2, NOx (NO + NO2), SO2, VOCs, PM and black carbon. Most emissions are found within 400 km of the coast line andExpand
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