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Two prenylated retrochalcones from Glycyrrhiza inflata
All chalcones obtained from this plant are retrochalcones and lack an oxygen-functionality at the 2′-position, which is briefly discussed in relation to the chemotaxonomy of the genus Glycyrrhiza. Expand
Two novel anti-emetic principles of Alpinia katsumadai.
Two novel diarylheptanoids isolated from the seeds of Alpinia katsumadai showed anti-emetic activities on copper sulfate-induced emesis in young chicks. Expand
Anti-influenza virus activity of biflavonoids.
Ginkgetin was found to inhibit the influenza virus sialidase. Ginkgetin-sialic acid conjugates showed a significant survival effect in the influenza-virus-infected mice.
Antiemetic principles of Alpinia officinarum.
The structure of the new compound 7, which also showed antiemetic activity, was determined as 5-Hydroxy-7-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-1-heptanone, which was established on the basis of spectroscopic data interpretation. Expand
Chemical assay of ptaquiloside, the carcinogen of pteridium aquilinum, and the distribution of related compounds in the pteridaceae
A chemical assay of ptaquiloside, the major carcinogen of Pteridium aquilinum, based on two-dimensional TLC-densitometry was devised and widespread occurrence of such compounds was revealed. Expand
Four New Azaphilones from Chaetomium globosum var. flavo-viridae
Four new azaphilones of angular type, named chaetoviridins A, B, C and D, were isolated from the culture of Chaetomium globosum var. flavo-viridae. The absolute configuration of chaetoviridin A wasExpand
Antinociceptive components of Ganoderma lucidum.
From the CH2Cl2 extract of Ganoderma lucidum among the active extracts, ganoderic acids A, B, G and H and compound C6 were isolated as the antinociceptive components. Expand
Anti-emetic principles of Inula linariaefolia flowers and Forsythia suspensa fruits.
The anti-emetic effects of 40 extracts made from 12 traditional Chinese herbal drugs were examined andRengyol, phillyrin and rutin were isolated from the MeOH extract of Forsythia suspensa fruits and identified as the inhibitors of emesis induced by copper sulfate pentahydrate. Expand
Synthesis and evaluation of influenza virus sialidase inhibitory activity of hinokiflavone-sialic acid conjugates
- The known biflavonoid, hinokiflavone (1) was isolated from the leaves of Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu et Cheng and displayed influenza A and B virus sialidase inhibitory activity. The unnaturalExpand