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Transformation of microcrystalline hydrocortisone by free and immobilized cells of Arthrobacter simplex
SummaryThe transformation of microcrystalline hydrocortisone by free and immobilized cells of Arthrobacter simplex resulted in formation of prednisolone. The effect of medium composition,Expand
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[Hydroxylation of indolyl-3-acetic acid by the fungus aspergillus niger IBFM-F-12].
Physiological and biochemical properties of the culture of Aspergillus niger IBPM F 12 carrying out hydroxylation IAA in the 4-, 5-, 6-positions of the indole nucleus were studied. The optimalExpand
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[Effect of detergents on the hydroxylation of indolyl-3-acetic acid by an Aspergillus niger culture].
A possibility to increase the hydroxylating activity of Aspergillus niger IBFM F-212 under the action of detergents was studied during transformation of indolyl-3-acetic acid (IAA). The followingExpand
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Immobilization of living microbial cells in polyacrylamide gel.
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the influence of the conditions of immobilization and incubation of immobilized cells in a nutrient medium on the viability and enzymatic activity of culturesExpand
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[Coupling between 3-ketosteroid-delta'-dehydrogenase and the respiratory chain in the bacterium Arthrobacter globiformis].
Intact bacterial cells and their cytoplasmic membranes obtained by ultrasonic desintegration are able to induce dehydration of hydrocortisone to prednisolone that is coupled with O2 uptake. ThisExpand
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[20alpha- and 20beta-reduction of steroids by immobilized enzyme preparations and Bacillus megaterium cells].
Cells of Bacillus megaterium immobilized due to incorporation into polyacrylamide gel retained their viability. They differed significantly in their enzymic activity from free cells: 20alpha- andExpand
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[Live immobilized cells as biocatalysts of transformation and biosynthesis of organic compounds: a review].
The paper reviews the data concerning immobilization of liver microorganisms obtained by the author and found in the literature. The paper discusses different immobilization techniques maintainingExpand