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Model Based Training, Detection and Pose Estimation of Texture-Less 3D Objects in Heavily Cluttered Scenes
We propose a framework for automatic modeling, detection, and tracking of 3D objects with a Kinect. The detection part is mainly based on the recent template-based LINEMOD approach [1] for objectExpand
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CenSurE: Center Surround Extremas for Realtime Feature Detection and Matching
We explore the suitability of different feature detectors for the task of image registration, and in particular for visual odometry, using two criteria: stability (persistence across viewpointExpand
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Multimodal templates for real-time detection of texture-less objects in heavily cluttered scenes
We present a method for detecting 3D objects using multi-modalities. While it is generic, we demonstrate it on the combination of an image and a dense depth map which give complementary objectExpand
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Small Vision Systems: Hardware and Implementation
Robotic systems are becoming smaller, lower power, and cheaper, enabling their application in areas not previously considered. This is true of vision systems as well. SRI’s Small Vision Module (SVM)Expand
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On the Relation Between Default and Autoepistemic Logic
  • K. Konolige
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Artif. Intell.
  • 1 October 1987
Abstract Default logic is a formal means of reasoning about defaults: what normally is the case, in the absence of contradicting information. Autoepistemic logic, on the other hand, is meant toExpand
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FrameSLAM: From Bundle Adjustment to Real-Time Visual Mapping
Many successful indoor mapping techniques employ frame-to-frame matching of laser scans to produce detailed local maps as well as the closing of large loops. In this paper, we propose a framework forExpand
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The Office Marathon: Robust navigation in an indoor office environment
This paper describes a navigation system that allowed a robot to complete 26.2 miles of autonomous navigation in a real office environment. We present the methods required to achieve this level ofExpand
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Point feature extraction on 3D range scans taking into account object boundaries
In this paper we address the topic of feature extraction in 3D point cloud data for object recognition and pose identification. We present a novel interest keypoint extraction method that operates onExpand
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Incremental mapping of large cyclic environments
Mobile robots can use geometric or topological maps of their environment to navigate reliably. Automatic creation of such maps is still an unrealized goal, especially in environments that have largeExpand
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Large-Scale Visual Odometry for Rough Terrain
Motion estimation from stereo imagery, sometimes called visual odometry, is a well-known process. However, it is difficult to achieve good performance using standard techniques. We present theExpand
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