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Modified Phases of Diamond Formed Under Shock Compression and Rapid Quenching
Two modified forms of carbon were quenched by a rapid-cooling technique from graphite sheets shock-compressed to 65 gigapascals and 3700 K. One form, ``n-diamond," which was obtained from the mostExpand
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Bait twig method for soil detection of Rosellinia necatrix, causal agent of white root rot of Japanese pear and apple, at an early stage of tree infection
Mulberry twigs were inserted into the soil as bait to detect Rosellinia necatrix at an early stage of tree infection in the orchard. R. necatrix was frequently trapped on twigs near the trunk base atExpand
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Prevention of diet-induced obesity by dietary isomerized hop extract containing isohumulones, in rodents
OBJECTIVE:Isomerized hop extract (IHE), which consists mainly of isohumulones and is required in the beer brewing process, was investigated for its effects on diet-induced obesity in two strains ofExpand
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Stable operation of a 300-m laser interferometer with sufficient sensitivity to detect gravitational-wave events within our galaxy.
TAMA300, an interferometric gravitational-wave detector with 300-m baseline length, has been developed and operated with sufficient sensitivity to detect gravitational-wave events within our galaxyExpand
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Characterization of a new Apple dimple fruit viroid variant that causes yellow dimple fruit formation in ‘Fuji’ apple trees
A 303-nucleotide viroid was isolated from an apple tree (Malus × domestica, ‘Fuji’) cultivated in Japan. The viroid had 84.9% overall nucleotide sequence homology to Apple dimple fruit viroidExpand
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Phylogenetic relationship and fungicide sensitivity of members of the Colletotrichum gloeosporioides species complex from apple
The members of the Colletotrichum gloeosporioides species complex (CGSC), the dominant pathogens of apple bitter rot in Nagano prefecture, Japan, were reidentified and the relationship between theExpand
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Vegetative propagation and its possible role as a genetic bottleneck in the shaping of the apple fruit crinkle viroid populations in apple and hop plants
Apple fruit crinkle viroid (AFCVd) infects apples and hops. To analyze the genetic diversity of AFCVd, nine apple and six hop isolates were collected from several locations in Japan. In total, 76Expand
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Biological control of apple crown gall by nonpathogenic Rhizobium vitis strain VAR03-1
A nonpathogenic strain of Rhizobium vitis, VAR03-1, was tested as a biological control agent for crown gall of apple. When apple tree roots were soaked in a cell suspension of antagonists beforeExpand
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Surface acceleration of fast electrons with relativistic self-focusing in preformed plasma.
We report an observation of surface acceleration of fast electrons in intense laser-plasma interactions. When a preformed plasma is presented in front of a solid target with a higher laser intensity,Expand
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Superthermal and efficient-heating modes in the interaction of a cone target with ultraintense laser light.
Interactions between a relativistic-intensity laser pulse and a cone-wire target are studied by changing the focusing point of the pulse. The pulse, when focused on the sidewall of the cone, producedExpand
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