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Phosphorylation of Serine-15 of Maize Leaf Sucrose Synthase (Occurrence in Vivo and Possible Regulatory Significance)
Experiments were conducted to determine whether sucrose synthase (SuSy) was phosphorylated in the elongation zone of maize (Zea mays L.) leaves. The approximately 90-kD subunit of SuSy wasExpand
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Polyarylenes and Poly(arylenevinylene)s, V. Synthesis of Tetraalkyl-Substituted Oligo(1,4-naphthylene)s and Cyclization to Soluble Oligo(peri-naphthylene)s2)
A homologous series of oligo(1,4-naphthylene)s from the binaphthyl 6 to the sexinaphthylene derivative 10 were synthesized successively. The Pd(O)-catalyzed reaction between aryl bromides andExpand
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Structure and optical absorption of oligorylenes upon doping
Abstract We report in parallel a theoretical MNDO-PM3 study of the structure of negatively doped oligorylenes (OR) and their visible/NIR absorption spectra from perylene to pentarylene. Neutral ORExpand
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Band structure of quasi-one-dimensional polycondensed aromatic hydrocarbons I. Poly(periacene)s
Abstract The energy spectrum of a group of poly(periacene)s (PPAcs) is investigated theoretically. The topological ( Δ top ), geometrical ( Δ geom ) and correlation ( Δ corr ) contributions to theExpand
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Process analytical chemistry : control, optimization, quality, economy
1 Introduction.- 2 Process Analytics of Gases.- 3 Process Analytics of Liquid Phases.- 4 Process Analytics of Solid Materials.- 5 Process Analytics in the Chemical Industry.- 6 Metallurgical ProcessExpand
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Nonlinear optical properties of tetra-tert.-butyl-oligo (rylene) s
Abstract Third harmonic generation (THG) measurements are described for a series of tetra-tert.-butyl-oligo(rylene)s. The values of the nonlinear susceptibility χ(3)(−3ω;ω,ω,ω) of the smaller ryleneExpand
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