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Sulfate-Reducing Microorganisms in Wetlands – Fameless Actors in Carbon Cycling and Climate Change
The hidden sulfur cycle in wetlands and the fact that wetland SRM are not well represented by described SRM species explains their so far neglected role as important actors in carbon cycling and climate change. Expand
Dynamics of redox processes in a minerotrophic fen exposed to a water table manipulation
Abstract Climate change studies foresee substantial changes in precipitation patterns in northern temperate regions, including an increased frequency of drought and intense rain events. To elucidateExpand
Peat decomposition records in three pristine ombrotrophic bogs in southern Patagonia
Abstract. Ombrotrophic bogs in southern Patagonia have been examined with regard to paleoclimatic and geochemical research questions but knowledge about organic matter decomposition in these bogs isExpand
Consortia of low-abundance bacteria drive sulfate reduction-dependent degradation of fermentation products in peat soil microcosms
It is shown that diverse consortia of low-abundance microorganisms can perform peat soil sulfate reduction, a process that exerts control on methane production in these climate-relevant ecosystems. Expand
Concentrations and fluxes of dissolved organic carbon in runoff from a forested catchment: insights from high frequency measurements
Concentrations of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in runoff from catchments are often subject to substantial short-term variations. The aim of this study was to identify the compartmental sources ofExpand
Controls on schwertmannite transformation rates and products
Abstract To study the impact of geochemical conditions on the fate of schwertmannite in AMD polluted sediments, pH, concentrations of SO 4 2 - and DOC, and temperature were varied in batchExpand
DOC-dynamics in a small headwater catchment as driven by redox fluctuations and hydrological flow paths – are DOC exports mediated by iron reduction/oxidation cycles?
Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) exports from many catchments in Europe and North-America are steadily increasing. Several studies have sought to explain this observation. As possible causes, aExpand
Impact of experimental drought and rewetting on redox transformations and methanogenesis in mesocosms of a northern fen soil
Abstract The impact of climate change on the greenhouse gas balance of peatlands is debated as they function both as sinks of carbon and significant sources of methane. To study redox transformationsExpand
Effects of short-term drying and irrigation on CO2 and CH4 production and emission from mesocosms of a northern bog and an alpine fen
Atmospheric CO2 and CH4 exchange in peatlands is controlled by water table levels and soil moisture, but impacts of short periods of dryness and rainfall are poorly known. We conductedExpand
Impact of altering the water table height of an acidic fen on N2O and NO fluxes and soil concentrations
The impact of experimentally intensified summer drought and precipitation on N2O and NO turnover and fluxes was investigated in a minerotrophic fen over a 2-year period. On three treatment plots,Expand