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Setting Children Free: Children’s Independent Movement in the Local Environment
Parental concerns about children’s safety and security are restricting children’s independent exploration of the local environment. Children are being denied important opportunities to exercise, toExpand
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Fukushima in review: A complex disaster, a disastrous response
On March 11, 2011, an earthquake and tsunami crippled the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. The emerging crisis at the plant was complex, and, to make matters worse, it was exacerbated byExpand
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Gender differences in children's pathways to independent mobility
This paper presents some empirical findings relating to the independent mobility of children in two parts of south-east England – one a south London borough, the other a suburban county north ofExpand
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Pedestrian Vision and Collision Avoidance Behavior: Investigation of the Information Process Space of Pedestrians Using an Eye Tracker
This study investigates the Information Process Space (IPS) of pedestrians, which has been widely used in microscopic pedestrian movement simulation models. IPS is a conceptual framework to defineExpand
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Pedestrian Behaviour Modelling An application to retail movements using a genetic algorithm
This paper introduces a study of pedestrian behaviour modelling which incorporates ideas about agent-based systems and the traffic models based on the utility-maximization theory. The aim of thisExpand
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Children’s Local Travel Behaviour - How the Environment Influences, Controls and Facilitates it
June 2007 This paper reports results from a project that uses questionnaires, diaries, activity monitors and GPS monitors to explore how children move about in the local environment. The patterns areExpand
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Where do children walk (and what do they do when they get there)
This paper contains findings from the project CAPABLE (Children’s Activities, Perceptions And Behaviour in the Local Environment) currently being carried out at University College London (UCL). InExpand
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Cities and social equity: inequality, territory and urban form
Cities and Social Equity is a report by the Urban Age research team with commissioned pieces from Ipsos MORI, United Nations Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of OffendersExpand
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Using laser scanner data to calibrate certain aspects of microscopic pedestrian motion models
In this paper an automatic procedure to obtain trajectory data sets for controlled walking experiments based on laser scanner measurements is investigated. The laser range scanners provide raw dataExpand
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