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What Is Gnosticism
A distinctive Christian heresy? A competitor of burgeoning Christianity? A pre-Christian folk religion traceable to "Oriental syncretism"? How do we account for the disparate ideas, writings, andExpand
The Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle
Lost for more than fifteen hundred years, the Gospel of Mary is the only existing early Christian gospel written in the name of a woman. Karen L. King tells the story of the recovery of thisExpand
“Jesus said to them, ‘My wife . . .'”: A New Coptic Papyrus Fragment
  • K. King
  • Art
  • Harvard Theological Review
  • 1 April 2014
This article offers a critical edition of a papyrus fragment in Coptic that contains a dialogue between Jesus and his disciples in which Jesus speaks of “my wife.”1 The fragment does not provideExpand
Aftermath: Mathematical Habits of Mind
New guidelines for maternal and neonatal resuscitation.
An overview of the changes recommended by the American Heart Association, Academy of American Pediatrics, and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology is provided and a strategy for implementing these guidelines into practice is suggested. Expand
Images of the Feminine in Gnosticism
The Bill of Rights today, two hundred years after its creation, is an unsettled arena: unprecedented public controversy and scholarly debate revolve around the First Amendment in particular. And asExpand
Factions, Variety, Diversity, Multiplicity: Representing Early Christian Differences for the 21st Century
Abstract Early Christians largely understood their differences in terms of factionalism, articulated in terms of discourses of orthodoxy and heresy. Contemporary historiography has troubled thoseExpand