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A Study on Double Concentric Jets : 1st Report, Experimental Results of Air-Air Flow
Concerning double concentric jets, the authors performed experimental studies on influences of nozzle conditions such as thickness of nozzle wall or boundary layers on the inside and outside walls ofExpand
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On the Confusion of Planck Feedback Parameters
The Planck feedback parameter Λ0 is the most fundamental quantity in the theory of global warming, because the surface temperature change ΔTs,0 is calculated by—(radiative forcing due to CO2Expand
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Observations by HVEM of atomic clusters embedded in MgO crystals
Abstract Atomic clusters and nm-sized metal crystallites embedded in metal-MgO composite films are observed by using off-axial imaging conditions in 1 MV high-voltage electron microscopy. Details ofExpand
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Characteristics of Pyrolytic and Burnt Gas for Pulverized Refuse-Derived Fuel
地球の環境保全や資源保護の観点より, 家庭, 工場等から排出される一般ごみや産業廃棄物の再利用が推進されている。その一つに一般ごみから燃料化されたRDFを微粉砕し, 粉体バーナで炉内噴射して燃焼させようとする試みがある。本研究では, バーナ開発に有用な知見を得るために, 粉体RDFの熱分解, 燃焼過程で生成されるガスの基礎的な特性を調べるための実験装置を設計製作した。各過程でのガスを分析し,Expand
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N-MOSFETs with inversion-layer source/drain extensions formed by cesium segregation at SiO2/Si interfaces
We fabricated a novel type MOSFET with inversion layer source/drain extensions formed by Cs implantation and segregation at SiO2/Si interfaces beside the gate and demonstrate that it has significantExpand
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A Fabrication Method for MEAs for PEFCs Using Nafion Precursor
A fabrication method of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs) using a thin preformed precursor sheet has been described. A preformed precursor sheet wasExpand
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Behavior of Ignition and Combustion for Single Refuse Derived Fuel Particles.
This study is an attempt to burn pulverized Refuse Derived Fuel (p-RDF) made from municipal solid waste (MSW) with a view point of recycling of waste resources from daily domestic and industrialExpand
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