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Changes in the alpha 2-adrenergic receptor subtypes gene expression in rat dorsal root ganglion in an experimental model of neuropathic pain.
We examined changes in expression of genes coding for alpha 2-AR subtypes in the dorsal root ganglion (DRG) in a rat model (spinal nerve ligation) or neuropathic pain. The present study demonstratesExpand
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N-terminally truncated variant of the mouse GAIP/RGS19 lacks selectivity of full-length GAIP/RGS19 protein in regulating ORL1 receptor signaling.
The regulators of G protein signaling (RGS) are a family of proteins with conserved RGS domains and play essential roles in regulating G protein-mediated signal transduction and physiological events.Expand
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Differentially expressed genes in rat dorsal root ganglia following peripheral nerve injury
Ordered differential display PCR was used to identify differentially expressed genes in rat dorsal root ganglia at 7 days following chronic constriction injury (CCI) of the sciatic nerve. FourteenExpand
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α1‐adrenoceptors involvement in painful diabetic neuropathy: a role in allodynia
&NA; To investigate whether α1‐adrenoceptors are involved in pain behaviors in streptozotocin (STZ)‐induced diabetic rats, we measured the effects of phenylephrine or prazosin on allodynia in theExpand
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Differential expression of the regulator of G protein signaling RGS9 protein in nociceptive pathways of different age rats.
Regulators of G protein signaling (RGS) proteins are GTPase-activating proteins which act as modulators of G-protein-coupled receptors. RGS9 has two alternative splicing variants. RGS9-1 is expressedExpand
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Local Anesthetics Inhibit Tissue Factor Expression in Activated Monocytes via Inhibition of Tissue Factor mRNA Synthesis
Local anesthetics have been reported to have anticoagulant properties, but the mechanisms responsible for this action are poorly understood. Here, we evaluated the in vitro effects of 3 localExpand
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Analysis of Steroid‐Induced Genes in the Rat Preoptic Area‐Anterior Hypothalamus Using a Differential‐Display Reverse Transcriptase‐Polymerase Chain Reaction
Steroid hormones modulate a variety of physiological functions in the hypothalamus. We attempted to identify steroid‐regulated genes in the rat preoptic area‐anterior hypothalamus by comparingExpand
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Rocuronium Injection Pain is Attenuated by NaHCO3
Background: Rocuronium administration is associated with a severe burning pain during injection. However, the mechanistic cause of the pain has not been well established. The purpose of this studyExpand
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RGS Proteins and Opioid Signaling
아편계 약물들은 다른 부수적인 효과와 함께 강력한 진 통 작용을 갖고 있다. 이런 아편계 약물의 반복적인 사용은 진통 효과에 대한 내성(tolerance)을 보이며, 약물에 대한 육 체적 의존성(physical dependence)을 나타나게 한다. 수 십 년 동안 아편계 약물 분야의 연구에 다양한 발전 이 있었다. 그 동안의 연구 결과, 내인성 아편계Expand