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Development of an artificial placenta: survival of isolated goat fetuses for three weeks with umbilical arteriovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.
The purpose of our study was to examine the feasibility of long-term extrauterine incubation of an isolated premature fetus in artificial amniotic fluid with arteriovenous extracorporeal circulation.Expand
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Application of cephalosporins to obstetrics and gynecology: transfer of cefazolin and cephalothin to uterine tissue.
Antibiotics should be administered so as to maintain effective therapeutic levels in target organs. In routine clinical treatment, however, doses of antibiotics are determined on the basis of theirExpand
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Relationship of alcohol use, physical activity and dietary habits with serum carotenoids, retinol and alpha-tocopherol among male Japanese smokers.
BACKGROUND Despite considerable interest in the anticarcinogenic and anti-atherosclerotic effects of carotenoids and alpha-tocopherol, little is known about determinants of these serumExpand
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Relationship of cadmium levels among blood, urine, and diet in a general population
It has been established that the diet is the major source of exposure to cadmium (Cd) among the general population, and that cigarette smoking will be an additional source of non-occupationalExpand
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Antinociceptive substances from Incarvillea delavayi.
Antinociceptive activities of an Incarvillea delavayi extract, as well as its constituents, 8-epideoxyloganic acid and delavayine A, were evaluated in the acetic acid induced writhing test in mice.Expand
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Hypertensive effects on pregnancy in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) and stroke-prone SHR (SHRSP).
We studied the hypertensive effects on mothers and newborns in Wister Kyoto rats (WKY), spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR), and stroke-prone SHR (SHRSP). The average blood pressure of pregnantExpand
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[Polymorphism of homosulfamine and the stability of its hydrate (author's transl)].
  • Y. Kato, K. Kido
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Yakugaku zasshi : Journal of the Pharmaceutical…
  • 1 October 1977
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Role of Cellular Calcium in Salt Sensitivity of Patients with Essential Hypertension
The mechanism by which excessive sodium chloride intake raises blood pressure has not been fully clarified. The present study was therefore undertaken in patients with essential hypertension toExpand
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The specific determination of hydroxyprolyl3-bradykinin using a competitive binding enzyme immunoassay.
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Umbilical vein-artery differences of plasma amino acids in the last trimester of human pregnancy.
The plasma levels of 20 free amino acids in the umbilical veins and umbilical arteries of 8 premature (29--36 weeks gestation) and 16 mature (38--42 weeks gestation) newborn infants were measured atExpand
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