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Purification and characterization of a novel amylopullulanase that converts pullulan to glucose, maltose, and maltotriose and starch to glucose and maltose
Abstract A thermophilic strain, L14, isolated from Iranian hot springs, produces an extracellular pullulanase upon growth on optimized liquid medium. According to 16S rDNA analysis and biochemicalExpand
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Biodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene by recombinant Gordonia alkanivorans RIPI90A.
The dszABC genes from newly reported dibenzothiophene biodesulfurizing bacterium, Gordonia alkanivorans RIPI90A were cloned and sequenced. The overall nucleotide sequence similarity between theExpand
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A Ca-independent α-amylase that is active and stable at low pH from the Bacillus sp. KR-8104
Abstract Bacillus sp. KR-8104 was selected from a set of 18 bacteria strains isolated from soil samples and screened for production of amylase. The maximum productivity obtained at pH 5–6 and 60–65 hExpand
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Production of an extracellular thermohalophilic lipase from a moderately halophilic bacterium, Salinivibrio sp. strain SA‐2
Fifty strains of moderately halophilic bacteria were isolated from various salty environments in Iran. A strain designated as SA‐2 was shown to be the best producer of extracellular lipase and wasExpand
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Purification and characterization of a thermostable phytate resistant alpha-amylase from Geobacillus sp. LH8.
A thermophilic and amylolytic bacterium (LH8) was isolated from the hot spring of Larijan in Iran at 65 degrees C. Identification of strain LH8 by 16S rDNA sequence analysis showed that LH8 strainExpand
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Enhanced expression of a recombinant bacterial laccase at low temperature and microaerobic conditions: purification and biochemical characterization
Laccases (benzenediol oxygen oxidoreductase; EC have many biotechnological applications because of their oxidation ability towards a wide range of phenolic compounds. Within recent years,Expand
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Influence of wheat-based diets supplemented with xylanase, bile acid and antibiotics on performance, digestive tract measurements and gut morphology of broilers compared with a maize-based diet
1. The aim of the present study was to compare wheat-based diets supplemented with arabinoxylanase, bile acid and virginiamycin with a maize-based diet in their effects on the performance ofExpand
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Isolation and biochemical characterization of laccase and tyrosinase activities in a novel melanogenic soil bacterium
Abstract Bacterial polyphenol oxidases (PPOs) with a high oxidizing capacity for a wide range of substrates could make their applications in phenolic biotransformation, food processing, cosmetics,Expand
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Chemical modification of bacterial alpha-amylases: changes in tertiary structures and the effect of additional calcium.
A comparative study was performed on the effect of calcium on native and chemically modified forms of mesophilic and thermophilic alpha-amylases. Circular dichroism (CD) and irreversibleExpand
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Biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by a halophilic microbial consortium
In this study we investigated the phenanthrene degradation by a halophilic consortium obtained from a saline soil sample. This consortium, named Qphe, could efficiently utilize phenanthrene in a wideExpand
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