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Original molluscan radula: Comparisons among Aplacophora, Polyplacophora, Gastropoda, and the Cambrian fossil Wiwaxia corrugata
As the original molluscan radula is not known from direct observation, we consider what the form of the original radula may have been from evidence provided by neomenioid Aplacophora (Solenogastres),Expand
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Licht- und elektronenoptische Befunde zum Radulatransport bei der LungenschneckeLimax flavus L. (Gastropoda, Stylommatophora)
  • K. Kerth
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  • Zoomorphologie
  • 1 October 1976
Summary1.According to previous results of experiments concerning pulmonates the inferior epithelium of the radular gland has been found responsible for the continuous and mouthwards directedExpand
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Die Tierbeigaben aus vier frühmittelalterlichen Gräberfeldern in Unterfranken.
The animal burials and faunal food offerings from four early medieval cemeteries in Lower Franconia (northern Bavaria) were studied. The Thuringian-Franconian aristocratic graveyard at Zeuzleben canExpand
Phylogenetische Aspekte der Radulamorphogenese von Gastropoden
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