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Online and Uncivil? Patterns and Determinants of Incivility in Newspaper Website Comments
Incivility in public discussions has received increasing attention from academic and popular commentators in recent years. In an effort to better understand the nature and determinants of suchExpand
Connections Between Internet Use and Political Efficacy, Knowledge, and Participation
Using data from the 2000 National Annenberg Election Survey, this study looks at the relationships between Internet access and online exposure to information about the presidential campaign andExpand
The Rise of Twitter in the Political Campaign: Searching for Intermedia Agenda-Setting Effects in the Presidential Primary
A symbiotic relationship was found between agendas in Twitter posts and traditional news, with varying levels of intensity and differential time lags by issue. Expand
America's Youth and Community Engagement
The authors predict and find that civic activity is positively associated with political awareness and that media use, whether information or entertainment oriented, facilitates civic engagement, whereas news media are especially effective in promoting political awareness. Expand
Twitter Use by Presidential Primary Candidates During the 2012 Campaign
This study examines Twitter use by presidential candidates during the 2012 primary election. The Twitter feeds and activity levels of candidates from the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, andExpand
Perceptions of Uncivil Discourse Online: An Examination of Types and Predictors
Incivility in public discourse has become a pressing concern of citizens and scholars alike, but most research has focused narrowly on incivility in elite discourse. The present study examines howExpand
Issue Saliency and Gender Stereotypes: Support for Women as Presidents in Times of War and Terrorism*
This article examines how issue saliency affects the public's perceptions of whether a man or a woman would make a better president when considering the most important problem facing the nation.Expand
Reassessing Twitter’s Agenda-Building Power
This study examined the relationship between elite news media agendas and campaign agendas during the 2016 presidential primary season. Computer-assisted content analysis was used to assess issueExpand